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5 Surprising Secrets to a Winning Pageant Interview
If you've heard it once, you've heard it a hundred times, "Pageants are won in the interview room."  Why does everyone keep saying that? Well, because it's true! Your personal interview is the best opportunity for the judges to get to know you. They get a sense of who you are and if you're ready to be the titleholder. So, if you want to get top scores check out my 5 secrets to a winning pageant interview. 1. Listen, Listen, Listen. Many contestants only listen to the first sentence of the question. After that, they "tune out" the judge and start formulating their answer. While you may think you're being efficient, the judges can tell that you're not paying attention. Plus,
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Is It Time To Dump Your Pageant?
Sometimes contestants compete over and over in pageants that are poorly run and shouldn’t be in business. So, why do contestants continue to enter pageants that they shouldn’t?  Continuing to compete in a bad pageant is like continuing to stay in a bad relationship: you hope that the pageant (the other person) will change and will be better next time. Continuing to compete in a bad pageant is like continuing to stay in a bad relationship. You hope that the pageant (the other person) will change and will be better next time. You need to be assertive for yourself in a personal relationship. But did you realize that you also need to be assertive for yourself as a contestant and customer?
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Your Personality Can Make or Break Your Pageant Interview
People often have an idea in their head of the 'typical' personality of a titleholder. She's outgoing, enjoys making appearances and is a friend to everyone she meets. While this is a common stereotype, it doesn't reflect the diverse personalities of today's contestant. The trick isn't to change your personality to a silly stereotype. The trick is to know how your personality can make or break your pageant interview. Most people think that extroverts have a natural advantage during their personal interview. But my grandmother always told me, "any strength to excess becomes a weakness." So, if you're an extrovert, you'll want to avoid the two most common mistakes made
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About Us
About Us
About Us
Valerie Hayes, The Pageant Coach™
My career as a pageant coach started out innocently enough! With over 20 years of corporate experience coaching executives on their interviewing and communications skills, I've seen a lot of good and bad interviews. Then a family friend asked me to help a contestant prepare to answer a pageant interview question onstage during her local pageant. She won her local pageant and went on to capture her state title and placed in the Top 15 at her national pageant. Soon her friends, and friends-of-friends, were calling for help to win their pageants interview too!
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