Get a Winning Pageant Headshot

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Allison Hill, Ms. District of Columbia United States 2014, understands how to use a headshot to create a winning impression with the judges! A great headshot can give the impression that you’re a top contestant before the judges even see you in person.  As a pageant coach, contestants often ask me how they can make […]

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Don’t Fall for the Wrong Pageant Gown!

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Abby Floyd, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2013, always looked stunning in her gowns because she selected them to create the visual image she was trying to project. Shopping for a pageant evening gown can be exciting and exhilarating or seriously frustrating and confusing.   As a pageant coach, I spend tons of time each day looking […]

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Deliver a Winning Onstage Answer

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It happens every weekend; contestants competing in every type of pageant, no matter where they’re located, worry and obsess about their onstage interview.  But you really don’t need to worry, here are some simple tips that really work so that you don’t have an on-stage meltdown during your final pageant interview question! 1.  Focus on […]

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