Do You Have a Strong Pageant Foundation?

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Crystal Stewart, Miss USA 2008, had trouble winning her state title until she showed me her contestant bio at her first appointment. We changed her bio and the rest is history! If you’re like many contestants you spend hour and hours shopping for your competition wardrobe or preparing for the fitness portion of the pageant. […]

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Do You Have a Winning Interview Outfit?

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Farabe Algor, Mrs International 2015, was careful to select an interview outfit that reflected her personal style as well as the preferred look of the pageant. Beautiful! Now that you’ve signed-up for your pageant, you’re going to need a pageant interview outfit. So how do you pick out a fabulous outfit that creates the perfect […]

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Is Your Diet Killing Your Interview?

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Lauren Lundeen, Miss Oklahoma USA 2012, is one of my favorite clients who understood the importance of eating to fuel both her fitness and her interview! It happens to many, many contestants: you make a decision to get in shape and lose those last few pounds before the pageant.  Then you get busy, get off […]

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