3 Secrets of Elite Contestants

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Melanie Shaner, Miss Kansas Teen USA 2015, has a positive attitude and knows what it takes to be an elite contestant who impresses the judges to capture the crown! What does it really take to become an elite contestant? Well, you might be surprised to learn that being an elite contestant doesn’t end with mastering […]

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Demand the Best Pageant Judging

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Alexis Railsbeck, Miss Kansas USA 2015, is a beautiful, smart contestant who knows exactly what it takes to win over a well-qualified judging panel! There you are at home in your pink pajamas surfing the Internet for the perfect pageant to enter. You send in your entry fee and begin preparing for the pageant. You […]

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4 Keys to Getting Top Pageant Scores

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Marielle Roberts-McDonald, Miss Southwestern (PA) 2016, won her title while juggling dual enrollment in high school and college because she always plans like a winner! As a pageant coach, I can tell you that often after a pageant contestants feel a little disappointed about their placement and wonder what they need to do to bump […]

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