Influential Women You Should Know (Part 1)

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Angela Merkel (left), Hillary Clinton (center), Melinda Gates (right) One of the most popular questions during a pageant interview is “Who do you feel is the most influential woman today?” While many contestants are tempted to go with the standard “Oprah Winfrey” answer, there are several other women who might make a more informed answer […]

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Conversations that Make You Smarter

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Cheyenne Parks, Miss Branson 2016, focuses on developing her pageant interview skills and knowledge of current events through conversations with others. Clearly the judges were impressed! Recently I purchased one of those fancy brain stimulation apps for my smart phone. I thought it would be a fun and easy way to make sure my cognitive […]

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3 Reasons to Dump Your Pageant

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Mary Sickler, Miss Heart of the USA 2015, has an incredible knack for picking the best pageants to compete in and because she selects her pageants carefully, she’s won multiple titles! I hate to tell you this, but as a pageant coach I can absolutely tell you that contestants continue to compete over and over […]

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