Top 5 Beauty Pageant Mistakes

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: May 30, 2017. Category: Pageant Competition

It’s that time again: you’re reviewing what worked and what didn’t work from your last pageant competition. And you’re planning to use that information to improve your scores in your next pageant. But do you know the Top 5 Beauty Pageant Mistakes made by contestants? Here are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order […]

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The Four A’s of Avoiding Pageant Drama

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: May 23, 2017. Category: Pageant Competition

While everyone can see the glamour of competing in a pageant, not everyone realizes the importance of avoiding pageant drama. The schedule typically includes long hours, and unexpected situations pop up during rehearsals. Suddenly the zipper in your pageant gown gives out, or your earring loses a stone. And there’s always some unwelcome and unnecessary […]

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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Pageant Scores Onstage

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: May 16, 2017. Category: Pageant Competition, Pageant Evening Gown, Pageant Wardrobe

Allison Chu, Miss Hawaii 2016, won her state title on the very first try by winning over the judges and getting top pageant scores onstage! Your on-stage performance is an important opportunity to impress the judges as the obvious choice for the crown. Check out these 5 pageant coaching tips to instantly improve and get […]

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