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"Working with Valerie for my Miss USA pageant interview was one of the best decisions I made! It not only prepared me for the pageant, but also for many other obstacles I will have to face in my future. This woman is fantastic and I recommend her as a pageant coach to anyone and everyone!"

Lauren Lundeen, Miss Oklahoma USA 2012, Top 10 Miss USA 2012

"Working with Valerie gave me the confidence and assurance to do well in my pageant interviews for local competitions, Miss Hawaii, and Miss America. She helped me articulate my points and always made sure I remained true to myself. The skills I have received from her carried me into 2nd Runner-up at the Miss America pageant, but I will carry the lessons of communication with me for the rest of my life!"

Jalee Fuselier, Miss Hawaii 2010
Second Runner-up Miss America 2011

"Valerie Hayes prepared me so much for my pageant interview at Miss Teen USA! She helped me look at things in the judges’ eyes and really made me think about how I was answering my pageant interview questions. Valerie helped me learn to relax and take a deep breath before I was answering something that caught me off guard. I think she is an amazing coach and such an awesome person! I would definitely recommend her to you.”

Katie Taylor, Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012, Top 16 Miss Teen USA 2013


Valerie Hayes, The Pageant Coach™

Valerie HayesMy career as a pageant coach started out innocently enough! With over 20 years of corporate experience coaching executives on their interviewing and communications skills, I’ve seen a lot of good and bad interviews. Then a family friend and asked me to help a contestant prepare to answer a pageant interview question onstage during her local pageant.  She won her local pageant and went on to capture her state title and placed in the Top 15 at her national pageant! Soon her friends, and friends-of-friends, were calling for help to prepare for their pageant interview too! So I decided to leave everyday suits and pantyhose behind and started working full-time with pageant contestants!  Since then, I’ve achieved success at the local, national, and international levels in all the major pageant systems working with contestants on selection of their pageant evening gown, pageant swimsuit or fitness attire, onstage modeling skills, selecting and refining a talent presentation and preparing for their pageant interview.

I’ve been featured on CNN multiple times as an expert pageant coach and have also appeared on NBC, MTV, and ABC’s Good Morning, America.  I’ve been interviewed by both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and have been a regularly featured author for pageant magazines.  My pageant coaching business has been featured in two business books as an example of how to be a successful business woman.  I have created success in my own life and now I mentor and coach women of all ages to success in their lives too!

I’m the host of Pageant Talk Radio, the #1 pageant talk show worldwide, which is broadcast to over 85 countries.  Yes, I have fans and followers in India, New Zealand, Great Brittan, the Philippines, and everywhere there’s a pageant.  Why?  Because while local and country pageant formats may differ, the public speaking, modeling skills and confidence required to score in pageant competition are consistent across country boundaries.  Women everywhere seek information and coaching that will give them a competitive edge during their pageant!

I developed my techniques based on a combination of professional speaking skills, press conference strategies and techniques, and monologue skills (used in giving memorized pageant speeches such as in National Teenager, National American Miss, Coed, and Rodeo Pageants). I’m very familiar with the different styles of all the major pageant systems and have successfully coached students at the local, state, and national level.  I work to create continuity between your visual brand/image as a contestant and your pageant interview.  By creating a consistent contestant brand, you’ll be able to connect with the judges.

I have a B.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (which is just a fancy way of saying “helping people to excel based on their own personal gifts and talents”) from the University of Minnesota. I love working with pageant contestants because I think pageants are really about personal development and learning important life skills. I’ve won several Toastmaster’s public speaking awards as well as the Dale Carnegie Outstanding Speaker award.

I’m the Interview Award Sponsor for the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen national pageant and Interview Instructor at the Teens in Training Camp sponsored by Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.  I’m the official pageant interview coach for Miss Arkansas USA, Miss Arkansas Teen USA, Miss Kansas USA, Miss Kansas Teen USA, Miss Miss Missouri USA, Miss Missouri Teen USA, Miss Nebraska USA, Miss Nebraska Teen USA, Miss Oklahoma USA, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, Miss Teen Texas International, Miss Texas International, Mrs. Texas International, Mrs. Kansas United States, Mrs. Missouri United States, Mrs. Tennessee United States and Mrs. Texas United States.

You can find my inspirational and motivational posts on Facebook on my fan pageant Valerie Hayes: The Pageant Coach or on Twitter at Valerie Hayes.

I have lived in California, Utah, and Minnesota, but currently live just north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas.   And yes, if you’ve heard the rumor it’s true: I have 5 toy poodles all named after Jane Austin characters that I spoil each and every day.

I love how pageantry changes lives and makes dreams come true and I look forward to contributing to Your Pageant Success!


Valerie Hayes

The Pageant Coach™