Answer Behavioral Pageant Interview Questions Like a Pro

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Teen contestant in Behavioral Pageant Interview

Behavioral interviews have recently moved from corporate conference rooms to the pageant interview. Learning that you might get behavioral questions in your pageant interview can be a little intimidating. So, what are behavioral pageant interview questions? This type of question asks how you will handle, or have handled, a specific situation. Why would a judge ask a behavioral question? Because many judges believe that past behavior is the best way to predict future behavior.

So, how do you pull off a great answer to behavioral pageant interview questions? Just think ‘SARS’:

1. S – Specific Situation. First, identify a situation you’ve been in that is the same or similar to the situation described in the question.

2. A – Action(s). Next, talk about the actions you took to generate results in that situation.

3. R – Results. Now, share the results of your actions.

4. S – Similarity. Finally, point out the similarity between what you’ve done in the past and the situation in the question.

Behavioral pageant interview questions often begin with:

*What would you do if…

*What experience do you have…

*Tell me about a time…

*Give me an example of…

*How would you handle…

Let’s use SARS to answer a common pageant question. We’ll practice with: “Why would you be a great choice to be the next Mrs. FAbulous?”

My answer might be: “As a Human Resources Director, I’ve worked with people from a variety of backgrounds (Specific Situation).  Often, I’ve had to introduce myself to people I didn’t know and talk about new programs (Action). Additionally, I encouraged people to signup for current and new programs (Action).  Often, I’ve given a presentation and people signed-up on the spot (Results).  My experience will help me promote the pageant and encourage others to enter (Similarity).

This time let’s practice with a different question: “What experience do you have promoting an issue of concern?

And here’s a possible answer:

“My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 11 years old (Specific Situation). In the 16 years since her diagnosis, I have been an advocate for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes (Action). I have organized fund raising events and managed several Walk for Diabetes teams (Action). Additionally, I have talked with legislators about funding for diabetes research (Action). My experience as a spokesperson for Diabetes will enable me to speak about an issue of concern related to the pageant (Similarity).

One way to prepare for a behavioral pageant interview is to write out ‘stories’ using the SARS outline. In this case, a ‘story’ is a 4 to 5 sentence answer for a possible question. You could write a story about why you’d be a good titleholder. You could also write a story about how you book appearances. Additionally, you could write a story giving an example of a time you acted as a leader. As long as your story is based on SARS, it will be a great fit for a behavioral question.

So, there’s no need to be worried about a behavioral pageant interview question. The SARS approach will help the judges connect the dots between what you’ve done and the job of the titleholder. It will make it easy for them to see your Titleholder Potential!


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