Are You Guilty of Basic Pageant Prep Mistakes?

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: February 28, 2017. Category: Inspiration, Pageant Competition, Pageant Interview.

Contestant wins avoiding basic pageant prep mistakes.Hannah Dell, the new Miss Rocky Gap 2016, is an experienced contestant who has won multiple titles, but she always takes the time to prepare!

It’s been a busy pageant season and once again I see contestants making the same basic pageant prep mistakes.  As a pageant coach, I hate sitting in the audience watching contestants with potential fall short of their goal.  Of course, friends and family will say it was bad judging. But it’s usually because the contestant made one of the four basic pageant prep mistakes.

1. Perfecting Your Look, But Not Your Skills. It’s easy to look at photos of last year’s pageant and see that you need to look like a winner. But it’s hard to see the skills required to win. In addition to working on your competition image, you must improve your pageant skills.  And just so there’s no confusion, let’s go ahead and define those skills. I’m talking about your pageant interview skills, on-stage modeling skills, and your ability to maintain a positive mindset. Stop blowing your entire budget on your appearance and invest in skill development. We’ve all watched pageants where the beautiful girl with the expensive wardrobe loses to a contestant who didn’t spend nearly as much on her competition image. You’re probably only going to wear that gown once or twice at most. But you’ll use the interview skills you learn throughout your life.

2. Overestimating Your Current Skill Level.  No one likes to admit they’re not perfect. And pageant contestants are no exception.  But almost every single contestant underestimates skills required to win and overestimates their skill level. In order to develop the skills of an elite contestant, you’ll need an informed opinion from an experienced pageant coach.  You need to identify someone who can point out your areas for improvement, develop a prep plan for you, and guide you along the way.

3. Listening to Your Fantourage.  Your fantourage fills an important need: they pump you up before the competition and soothe your disappointment if you don’t win. But don’t think that your pageant fantourage is going to give you honest feedback about your skill level.  You need an objective opinion from someone who can pinpoint why you’re not winning.  In order to develop the skills of a top contestant, you need an informed opinion from an experienced pageant coach. An experienced coach can develop a personalized prep plan for you and guide you along the way.

4. Underestimating the Emotional Challenges of Competition.  Competing in a pageant can be very stressful. It’s intimidating to be scored on your appearance, personal attributes, and speaking skills by a panel of judges.  And it’s even more intimidating to have all that happen in front of an audience of your family and friends! If you struggle with emotional control, it’s hard to maintain a positive competition mindset. And if you’re not in control of your competition mindset, you’re not going to get a positive outcome.  Make sure you learn how to control yourself emotionally so the judges can see that you’re ready to be the next titleholder!

By avoiding these basic pageant prep mistakes, you’ll one step closer to your crowning moment!


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