4 Steps to Pick Your Perfect Pageant

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The #1 key to winning is learning how to pick your perfect pageant! It’s a well-known rule of competition: not every contestant is the perfect fit for every pageant. Maybe the contestant doesn’t have the right academic background, community service work, or preferred personality. We all know and recognize this tough, but important, rule. But […]

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4 Smart Tactics for Answering Tough Current Events Questions

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Every contestant who’s ever competed, has worried about answering tough pageant current events questions.  Here are four smart tactics to help you answer the most challenging current events question: 1. Indicate your overall understanding of the issue. Every story has two sides to it and current events topics are no different.  You need to accurately […]

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Go Getters Guide to Pageant Prep

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Let’s be honest: sometimes competing in a pageant is both thrilling and frustrating.  Before the pageant, you’re excited about winning, and then after the pageant you often disappointed with your placement and scores.  If your scores aren’t reflecting your potential, you may be skipping one these important steps when preparing for your pageant: 1. Start […]

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