Your Judges Are Not Your Mother

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Recently I saw a social media post from a pageant contestant. In the post, the contestant bitterly complained that the judges ‘just didn’t understand why she would be a great titleholder’. It was clearly all their fault. Based on her negative, blaming post, I can easily guess why the judges didn’t vote for her. Don’t […]

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4 Keys to Improving Your Pageant Interview

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Sierra Gorton always takes times to work on her interview, but she doesn’t obsess. She knows the 4 keys to improving your pageant interview! You’ve heard it over and over again: the title is won in the pageant interview room. So you decide to work on improving your pageant interview, but you aren’t sure where to […]

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Are You Guilty of Basic Pageant Prep Mistakes?

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Hannah Dell, the new Miss Rocky Gap 2016, is an experienced contestant who has won multiple titles, but she always takes the time to prepare! It’s been a busy pageant season and once again I see contestants making the same basic pageant prep mistakes.  As a pageant coach, I hate sitting in the audience watching […]

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