5 Surprising Secrets to a Winning Pageant Interview

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: October 16, 2017. Category: Pageant Interview

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times, “Pageants are won in the interview room.”  Why does everyone keep saying that? Well, because it’s true! Your personal interview is the best opportunity for the judges to get to know you. They get a sense of who you are and if you’re ready to be the titleholder. So, if you want to get top scores check out my 5 secrets to a winning pageant interview.

1. Listen, Listen, Listen. Many contestants only listen to the first sentence of the question. After that, they “tune out” the judge and start formulating their answer. While you may think you’re being efficient, the judges can tell that you’re not paying attention. Plus,

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Your Personality Can Make or Break Your Pageant Interview

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: October 2, 2017. Category: Pageant Competition, Pageant Interview

People often have an idea in their head of the ‘typical’ personality of a titleholder. She’s outgoing, enjoys making appearances and is a friend to everyone she meets. While this is a common stereotype, it doesn’t reflect the diverse personalities of today’s contestant. The trick isn’t to change your personality to a silly stereotype. The trick is to know how your personality can make or break your pageant interview.

Most people think that extroverts have a natural advantage during their personal interview. But my grandmother always told me, “any strength to excess becomes a weakness.” So, if you’re an extrovert, you’ll want to avoid the two most common mistakes made

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How to Answer the Miss America Fill-in the Blank Question

Posted by ValerieHayes. Date: September 18, 2017. Category: Pageant Competition, Pageant Interview

Prior to this year’s competition, the Miss America Organization announced the addition of a personality question. Each of the Top 7 contestants would answer a question that was meant to show “who they are.” While most of the questions were about topics you’ve probably prepared for, one of the answers was clearly unexpected.

Miss Louisiana was asked, “Please fill in the blank. I know a lot of people love it, but I think ___ is totally overrated.”

My heart sank when I heard her question because while it sounds pretty simple, it’s actually not the type of question most contestants prepare to answer.

And, unfortunately, her answer showed that she had not practiced this type of question.

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