DIY Coaching

Sierra MAOTeen Crown CROP

Interested in doing a little Do-It-Yourself pageant training? 

Coach yourself using my DIY tools and prepare to capture your crown!

Pageant Interview Practice System

  • Did you ever wish that you knew exactly how you should be practicing for your pageant interview?
  • Would you like to have over 500 of the most commonly asked pageant interview questions so that you can prepare thoroughly for your pageant interview?
  • Do you get frustrated when practicing your pageant interview on your own or with others?


My Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System is an instant downloadable system that will walk you through everything you need to know and do to get a top interview score!  You’ll receive a Personal Coaching Session audio file, my 501 Practice Pageant Interview Questions ebook, a Pageant Interview Practice Schedule, my Pageant Interview Practice Strategy Guide and a handy Pageant Interview Practice Checklist.  This is the #1 Must Have Tool for every contestants’ pageant toolbox.  Get yours now and start improving your pageant interview today!

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Rock Your Contestant Bio

  • Do you believe that you could have a great pageant interview if you just had the Right Foundation?
  • Are you a first-time or seasoned contestant and want to insure you get the pageant questions that Highlight Why You’d be the Perfect Choice for the crown?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of questions on your paperwork and just don’t know how to Answer With a Cohesive Strategy?


Rock Your Contestant Bio is an instant downloadable system that will walk you through how to strategically create a crown-worthy Contestant Bio. You’ll receive 2 Personal Coaching Session audio files plus an easy reference checklist to insure your pageant paperwork is absolutely perfect before you send it in. Go ahead and take the first step towards creating your winning interview!

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Perfect Pageant Platform

  • Are you struggling to Develop a Compelling, Unique Pageant Platform for your pageant competition?
  • Do you want to effortlessly answer pageant interview questions about your community service and marketing your platform?
  • Would you love to experience the Confidence that comes with a well-developed platform and develop the skills necessary to Connect with the Judges?


Perfect Pageant Platform consists of 2 instant download audio files that walk you through all the steps to developing a pageant platform that you’ll be able to market within your community and during your pageant interview. Most contestants don’t know how to correctly develop their pageant platform and the judges can easily identify an under-developed platform in the interview room. You’ll learn how to correctly “package” your community service activities into a winning pageant platform!

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Current Events Update

  • Do you want to feel confident that you’re “in the know” so that you can easily answer any Current Events question?
  • Do you want to feel totally up-to-date on all the facts and issues without spending hours and hours researching?
  • Do you want to feel totally prepared to deliver a tactful opinion on Controversial Topics?


With my Current Events Update subscription, you’ll receive weekly emails with a printable summary of a top current events topic for the week, important background information for understanding the issue and practice questions to prepare for your pageant interview.  I’ve coached hundreds of contestants competing in the most challenging interview pageants and have developed a system to quickly and thoroughly tutor contestants on Current Events. I make it simple to understand and fast so you don’t spend tons of time researching meaningless information! In the interview room and onstage, you want to be the very best you can be!

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Current Events Cram Session

  • Are you unsure about the facts surrounding current event topics and possible questions you might need to answer during your pageant competition?
  • Are you confused about all the background information you need to know in order to answer a current events question during your personal interview or onstage?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed about the time, research and analysis that it takes to feel fully prepared for current events questions?


Current Events Cram Session is the painless way to get up-to-speed on current events in a super short period of time.  You may have heard that as a pageant coach I’m known as The Current Events Expert.  I’ve coached over 1000 contestants competing in the most difficult interview pageants and prepared them to answer the toughest current events questions.  I’ve developed a quick and easy coaching program to thoroughly tutor contestants on Current Events. I make it simple to understand and fast so you don’t spend tons of time on confusing information!

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Mastering the Pageant Interview

  • Are you ready to develop the ability to Answer Any Pageant Interview Question during your personal and on-stage interviews?
  • Do You Want to know how to go beyond the typical pageant interview answer and Really Connect with the Judges?
  • Would you like to feel Relaxed and Confident during your pageant interview?


Mastering the Pageant Interview consists of 3 instant download audio files that will introduce you to the concepts of strategic interviewing so that you can create a solid foundational interview. Then once you’ve developed your foundational pageant interview, I’ll teach you the public speaking skills you need to create an emotional connection with your judges. By combining foundational interview skills with the ability to connect with the judges, you’ll have all the skills you need to Master the Pageant Interview!

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