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Panicking About Current Events Pageant Interview Questions?


Have you been so busy with all of your activities that you just haven’t had time to prepare for current events?

Are you feeling confused and unsure about the most recent events you’ve seen clips of on the news?

Are you worried about tough current events questions that can tank your personal and onstage interview scores?

You need my Current Events Cram Session!

There’s no doubt about it: as a pageant coach I’m known as The Current Events Expert. I’ve coached over 1000 contestants competing in the most difficult interview pageants and prepared them to answer the toughest current events questions.  I’ve developed a quick and easy coaching program to thoroughly tutor contestants on Current Events. I make it simple to understand and fast so you don’t spend tons of time on confusing information!

And now I’ve created a Current Events Cram Session just for you!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • My Current Events Update including an in-depth summary of top current events topics for the last 8 weeks so that you can catch up quickly on what’s been in the news.
  • Background information about each topic so that you thoroughly understand the relevant issues.
  • 5 practice questions that challenge you to think about the topic from different perspectives.
  • Helpful suggestions, tips and ideas for how to actually answer your 5 practice questions.
  • Never before has getting ready for Current Events questions been so easy and so painless!

Why do I think you can answer current events questions like a pro?  Because, I’ve had success before with contestants, just like you…

hannahwithkasey CROP“Can I just say AMAZING?!?! Anyone lucky enough to get Valerie for an interview coach is blessed. I’ve worked with Valerie for 2 years and have gone from inexperienced to Miss Maryland Teen USA! Valerie has always been there when I needed her and has helped me to deal with many interviews successfully and with complete confidence. Valerie not only knows about every current event topic, but she explains them in easy to understand terms. She makes understanding the news simple and helps me develop questions that aren’t memorized, but really reflect my understanding of the topic.  I certainly attribute my success to you, Valerie!” -Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2013


Hope Sign Card CROP“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, advice, and guidance throughout my reign as Miss Missouri USA 2011. Not only did you help keep me up-to-date with all current events, you also really made me explore each topic in depth and think in ways I had never thought before! I know that your guidance assisted me in winning the Miss Missouri USA interview portion and placing in Top 15 at Miss USA 2011.-Hope Driskill, Miss Missouri USA™ 2011, Semi Finalist Miss USA™ 2011


Katherine Putnam Piano CROP
“I wanted to develop my fullest potential in interview, and I knew from the moment I first spoke with Valerie that she would help me reach that goal. Valerie adapted to my learning style, and actually broke down the most challenging political issues and their entire histories into a storybook format! Interview became something I looked forward to, and as weeks passed, I began to see significant results in the way I thought, spoke, and delivered my opinions. I was focused, confident, and fully prepared to handle the Miss America interview. Valerie Hayes is the best of the best!” -Katherine Putnam, Miss Louisiana 2009,
Third Runner-up Miss America 2010


I’m so well known for my current events expertise that I’ve been featured on TV…

GMA As Seen On Miss FL 600x339

I’ve appeared on CNN’s Headline News numerous times as well as ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC commenting on current event issues as the “go to expert” in pageant coaching.  I’ve also been interviewed by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about breaking news and developing issues. I’ve appeared on live national and international broadcasts sharing my analysis of news stories and now I’m sharing that analysis with YOU!

Yes, YOU too can be an EXPERT on Current Events!

I’ve coached contestants from all sorts of backgrounds: Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Mrs., and Ms.  I’ve proven over and over again that ANYONE can handle Current Events questions. The secret is to get the tutoring, tips and examples you need to feel totally prepared for those challenging current events questions.

MrsTexas2009-0242 CROP“I’m truly thankful for having the privilege of working with Valerie Hayes! She assisted me in focusing on the best me! Not changing or altering my motives or intentions or who I am as a woman… but highlighting my true self! By doing this, she contributed to my success in pageant interviews but also my success in understanding relations and reactions of people in my everyday life! Her classification of ” types of Judges” is right on! Thank you, Valerie!” -Melissa Pocza, Mrs. Texas United States 2011, 3rd Runner-up Mrs. United States 2011, Mrs. Texas America 2009. Miss Michigan United States 2002

I’ve coached hundreds of contestants competing in the most challenging interview pageants and have developed this Current Events Cram Session so you can quickly and easily come up to speed for your pageant competition!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

newspaper smallCurrent Events Update summary for each of the last two months of top current events topics so that you can catch up quickly on what’s been in the news.

You won’t have to spend hours pouring over outdated newspapers or surfing the Internet to catch up. You’ll get a concise summary of the current events topics that everyone, including your judges, have been watching on the news!

info-buttonBackground information highlighting developing issues beyond the facts:

Knowing just the basic facts of a story isn’t good enough for the interview room. You’ve got to know how the how the issue began, what’s happened to-date, and what possible direction this topic could take in the future. A little insight is what you need to impress those pageant judges!

Practice questions that challenge you to think about the topic from different perspectives:Blue Question Small

The most difficult aspect of preparing for current events is guessing what questions your judges are going to ask. But I’ve got tons of experience with judges and can usually predict what questions they’re going to ask about current events. No guessing here – you’ll be ready to answer their questions!

Microphone-Single-150x150Coaching on How to Answer those Current Event Questions:

Sometimes the hardest part about your current events answer is actually formulating your content. You know how you feel about the topic, but you’re not sure how to put it together in a tactful, articulate answer. In each audio coaching session I’ll use examples, suggested formats, and role modeling to give you options so that you can select the one that’s right for you. These will be audio file downloads so you can save them to your computer and listen over and over until you get it right!

But here’s the best part:

You can get your Current Events Cram Session today for only $19!

Yes, you’ll get everything for just $19!

So now’s your chance to learn everything you need to know to answer Current Events Questions! The only way to feel poised and confident during your interview is to be prepared.  My Current Events Cram Session if the solution you’ve been looking for!

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