Master the Pageant Interview

Looking for a Do-It-Yourself Guide to Top Pageant Interview Scores?


Are you dreading your interview because you’re not sure if you’ve got “the right” answers to the questions you’ll be asked by the judges?

Are you frustrated by “sure fire” tips that aren’t consistent with your personality and make you feel awkward and stiff in the interview room?

Have you always wanted to approach your interview relaxed, confident and 100% sure of your ability to answer any question?

If this sounds like you, my Mastering the Pageant Interview™ can help you achieve Your True Pageant Interview Potential!

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 Most Common Pageant Interview Mistakes.
  • The 3 Things You MUST accomplish during your personal interview.
  • How to Create a Contestant Bio that establishes you as a Top Contestant even before you walk in the room.
  • My secrets for Developing Paperwork that create a Strong Foundation for Your Interview.
  • How to market yourself with confidence that doesn’t come across as “cocky” or “over-the-top” in the interview room or on-stage.

These are the very same tips and techniques that I teach my private coaching students who pay in excess of $1700 to get this exact same information…

Juliana-Crown-Shot-CROP“I used Valerie as my pageant interview coach prior to competing and winning the title of Miss Teen International 2010.  I had already worked with several coaches, but was worried that I was just memorizing answers and that I’d sound over-trained. She’s so friendly and encouraging, and she quickly helped me to see what I was doing wrong.  Valerie taught me how to “speak from the heart”, but still give great answers with interesting content that really connected with my judges. She taught me to look at interview as a conversation with the goals of informing and engaging the judges. As a result, I won on stage interview which was 40% of my score. After I won, Valerie continued to give me invaluable support and advice for which I will always be grateful. I would highly recommend Valerie as a pageant coach, particularly in the area of interview. -Juliana McKee, Miss Teen International™ 2010, Interview Award Winner


Why is this information different than anything you’ve ever heard before?

I’ve created a system for developing your pageant interview that’s based on what’s happening NOW in pageantry. This is not outdated information that’s been passed down from one titleholder or contestant to the next generation of contestants. The techniques you’ll learn are the exact same techniques that are taught to professional speakers, corporate spokesmen, political leaders, and anyone who is regularly exposed to a press conference style interview. And my guidance and mentoring are based on my in-depth knowledge of the systems within the pageant community.

Today’s pageant interview is not the same as it was 10, 5, or even 2 years ago! All the top, major interview systems have gone to a “press conference” style interview format. And, what won last year is not what’s going to win this year in the interview room. You see, everyone likes to buy the videos of last year’s competition and they try to build their interview around what won or placed last year. But that’s not the way you establish yourself as a leader in pageantry; that just makes you look like a follower. And guess what? A whole bunch of other contestants are doing the exact same thing, so you’re going to be one of many in a group of followers!

You’ve got to use a Strategic Approach to interviewing that makes you a leader in the interview room!

Hope-Sign-Card-CROP“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, advice, and guidance throughout my reign as Miss Missouri USA 2011. You were so encouraging and supportive, but always to challenged me to continue to develop my skills.  Even though I’ve had a lot of experience in the public sector, including political internships, you’ve advice, suggestions and guidance helped me see issues from a wider perspective. Not only did you help keep me up-to-date with all current events, you also really made me explore each topic in depth and think in ways I had never thought before! I know that your guidance assisted me in winning the Miss Missouri USA interview portion and placing in Top 15 at Miss USA 2011.-Hope Driskill, Miss Missouri USA™ 2011, Miss Missouri USA Interview Winner, Semi Finalist Miss USA™ 2011


KS-CROPThank you to the incredible Valerie Hayes for all her pageant interview coaching and advice! Before I started working with her I always scored well in evening gown and swimsuit, but answering pageant interview questions left me feeling nervous and unsure.  I had fallen into the trap of worrying about “what the judges are looking for” and my answers sounded vague and unfocused.  Valerie helped me to see what my strengths were as a contestant and potential titleholder and how to communicate that, without sounding over confident or cocky, in the interview room and on-stage.  She really helps you to work on yourself and stand out from everyone else. Valerie is The Best! Thanks for everything! -Taylor Clark, Miss Kansas Teen USA™ 2011, 3rd Runner-up Miss Teen USA™ 2011


Working with Valerie was exactly what I needed in my preparations for Miss Teen USA! As a former state titleholder from another pageant system, I already had a lot of experience answering pageant interview questions and winning interview.  I was surprised at how much more I learned from Valerie and how much easier it became for me really stand out in the interview room.  She really approaches interview from a strategic, planned perspective, but then teaches you how to answer genuinely, from the heart.  From networking to commanding an interview catered for Teen USA, I knew I was prepared for anything in the interview room – especially my top 5 questions! I thank Valerie for all her help and expertise, and highly suggest her services to anyone who is looking for that “winning edge.-Sydnee Stottlemyre, Miss Missouri Teen USA™ 2011, 4th Runner-up Miss Teen USA™ 2011

These contestants were able to quickly and easily use the techniques in my Mastering the Pageant Interview™ to answer any question and connect with the judges during their interview!

You’ll Learn:

  • The Correct Length for Your Personal and On-stage Interview Answers.
  • How to Use What You Learned in English Class to Format Your Answer.
  • The 2 Techniques to Stretch any Answer so you don’t “choke”.
  • How to Close an Answer with Confidence when You’re Struggling.
  • The #1 Success Tip for On-stage Interview.



Mastering the Pageant Interview includes 3 downloadable audio files that will walk you through everything you need to know to answer any question!  I’ll discuss all the pageant interview techniques that I teach my VIP private coaching students.  Whether you’re competing in your very first pageant or an experienced contestant, you’ll be amazed by how much you can learn in less than 3 hours!  From understanding how to make a first impression that immediately establishes you as a top contestant for the title, to how to effective handle those little “oops” moments that can happen during your pageant interview – you’re going to learn skills that enable you to get a top interview score!  You’re pageant interview will never be the same!



Plus, you’ll also receive, at no additional charge, downloadable transcripts of the audio files so that you can easily flip through to access specific information when you need it! Did you ever listen to an audio book or podcast and then later want to go back and quickly reference a specific point? But you don’t want to spend all that time re-listening to the whole thing, just to find that particular sound bite, right? Well, I’ve solved that problem for you! Just save the audio file transcript as a searchable pdf file to your computer or print it out and add it to your pageant notebook. It’s the quick and easy way to review a tip or technique that you want to use in your pageant interview questions.  Preparing to answer any pageant interview question has never been easier!

You’ll get instant access to the audio files and transcripts so you can start learning to Master the Pageant Interview™ right away!

It just doesn’t get any more FABulous than that!

Get Yours Now and start improving your pageant interview TODAY in the comfort and convenience of your own home. That’s right…on your schedule…at any time…in any location…YOU can be improving your pageant interview!

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You KNOW you have the potential to Rock Your Interview; you just need to a little help to help you get started!

guaranteelg-100x100My Personal “Make-You-Happy” Guarantee: My aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with “Mastering the Pageant Interview™”, and if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with this product, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let me know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any other product on my website. Please note since “Mastering the Pageant Interview™” is a completely digital product, no refunds can be granted. But again, we are happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

LADD7719_high_res-CROP“Valerie Hayes is one of those rare people you meet in your life that you know that you will never forget. She had such a profound impact on me and changed my life in ways that I can never fully explain. When I started my pageant journey I didn’t realize how much a pageant coach could make a difference in my life.  I competed for 2 years with little success and finally, when a first-time contestant beat me at the state pageant and went on to place Second Runner-up at the national pageant, I contacted Valerie and made my first appointment.  Within a few short months I went from confusion about why I wasn’t placing to winning the title of my dreams! I know to this day that without Valerie by my side helping me build my confidence and work on my interview skills I would have never had the honor of being crowned Mrs. Texas International 2010 and for this I will forever be grateful.” -Natalie McLarty, Mrs. Texas International 2010


So, are you ready to Master Your Pageant Interview?

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