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Are You Suffering from the #1 Fear of Pageant Contestants:
The Fear of Current Events Questions?Miss America contestant answers current events question.

Do you want to feel confident that you’re “in the know” so that you can easily answer any Current Events question?

Do you want to feel totally up-to-date on all the facts and issues without spending hours and hours researching?

Do you want to feel totally prepared to deliver a tactful opinion on Controversial Topics?

If this sounds like you, then You Need
my Weekly Current Events Update!

I’ve coached hundreds of contestants competing in the most challenging interview pageants and have developed a system to quickly and thoroughly tutor contestants on Current Events. I make it simple to understand and fast so you don’t spend tons of time researching meaningless information!

Each week you’ll receive:

  • A printable summary of the top current events topics to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening.
  • Background information highlighting developing issues beyond the facts.
  • 5 practice questions that challenge you to think about the topic from different perspectives.
  • Understandable definitions of key terms related to the issue.
  • Links to stories online in case you want to research the topic further.
  • Never before has getting ready for Current Events questions been so easy and so painless!

Why am I so confident you can improve? Because, I’ve done this before with hundreds of other contestants, just like you…

Miss Louisiana competes in Talent at Miss America.


“I wanted to develop my fullest potential in interview, and I knew from the moment I first spoke with Valerie that she would help me reach that goal. Valerie adapted to my learning style, and actually broke down the most challenging political issues and their entire histories into a storybook format! Interview became something I looked forward to, and as weeks passed, I began to see significant results in the way I thought, spoke, and delivered my opinions. I was focused, confident, and fully prepared to handle the Miss America interview. At my mock interviews, the judges were amazed at my ability to answer any question! I know that I’ll use the skills she’s taught me in every aspect of my life. Valerie Hayes is the best of the best and I highly recommend her as a pageant coach!” -Katherine Putnam, Miss Louisiana 2009, Third Runner-up Miss America 2010



Hannah Brewer wins local Miss America title.“Can I just say AMAZING?!?! Anyone lucky enough to get Valerie for a pageant coach is blessed. Prior to working with Valere, I had worked with a variety of pageant coaches and know one really seemed to understand who I was as a contestant like Valerie.  She connected with me right away and taught me how to approach my interview in a different way that didn’t sound memorized or rehearsed. And she helped me pick out the perfect interview outfit! I’ve worked with Valerie for 2 years and have gone from inexperienced to 2nd Runner-up and Overall Interview Winner to the Miss Maryland Teen USA 2013 title! Valerie has always been there when I needed her and has helped me to develop answers to many controversial current events topics. She has also helped me to market myself as a titleholder. I certainly attribute my success to you, Valerie!” -Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2013


Brandy Wendler poses with state Mrs. United States crown.Despite the fact that I live in Alaska (over 4,200 miles away), Valerie was able to do long-distance coaching with me over the phone, through e-mails and Skype. I was a little hesitant about long-distance coaching but it was worth every penny! Valerie’s coaching gave me the support and confidence I needed to compete in a state pageant. I had never competed in pageants before and I didn’t know much about the pageant world but, with her help, my experience was amazing! I was able to navigate my first pageant ever and win the title! Valerie’s advice and knowledge are invaluable and I could never have become so well-spoken and graceful without her. -Brandy Wendler, Mrs. Alaska United States 2011


My background is what makes my coaching so successful…

Valerie Hayes interviewed at Hard Rock cafe.As a busy Human Resources executive, a career as a pageant coach was the furthest thing from my mind. I worked every day coaching executives on their interviewing and communications skills as well as their professional development. Then a family friend asked me to coach a contestant that had been coached by two well-known pageant coaches but still couldn’t handle her interview. I worked with her for just 6 weeks and she went on to win her very next pageant and later that year captured her state Teen USA title. Soon her friends and friends-of-friends were calling for help to prepare for their pageant interview too! Before I knew it, word-of-mouth took over and now I’m a recognized expert pageant coach and the leader in current events coaching.  I spend most of my free time keeping up with current events through TV, online media, and newspapers so that you don’t have to!

I’ve been featured on NBC, appeared multiple times on CNN’s Headline News, and been interviewed by the New York Times about breaking news and developing issues. I’ve appeared on live national and international broadcasts sharing my analysis of news stories and now I’m sharing that analysis with YOU!

Each Week You’ll:

  • Receive concise summaries that inform you without overwhelming you.
  • Know which current events topics are the most likely to be of interest to your pageant judges.
  • Receive national-level questions that help you practice those tough Current Events questions.
  • Develop the knowledge necessary to answer Current Events Questions like an Elite Contestant.


Yes, YOU can be an EXPERT on Current Events!

I’ve coached hundreds of contestants and I’ve proven that ANYONE can handle Current Events questions. Whether you’re a Teen, Miss, Mrs. or Ms. you’ll get the information you need to feel totally prepared for those challenging current events questions.

Mrs Texas United States with crown.
“I’m truly thankful for having the privilege of working with Valerie Hayes! She assisted me in focusing on the best me! Not changing or altering my motives or intentions or who I am as a woman… but highlighting my true self! She helped me to look at current events questions differently, to correctly anticipate the questions that would be asked, and to answer difficult question with poise and confidence. While other people were giving me cliche advice, she really analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and helped me grow as a contestant and titleholder. By doing this, she contributed to my success in pageant interviews but also my success in understanding relations and reactions of people in my everyday life! Her classification of ” types of Judges” is right on! Thank you, Valerie!” -Melissa Pocza, Mrs. Texas United States 2011, 3rd Runner-up Mrs. United States 2011, Mrs. Texas America 2009. Miss Michigan United States 2002

I’ve coached many, many contestants competing in the most challenging interview pageants and have developed a system to quickly and thoroughly tutor contestants on Current Events. I make it simple to understand and fast so you don’t spend tons of time researching meaningless information!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Newspaper Graphic
A printable summary of the top current events topics to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening: This is the fast and easy way to prepare for current events questions! You won’t have to spend hours and hours reading the newspaper and surfing the Internet anymore. I’ve spent years following pageant judges and I can accurately predict which current events topics they’re most likely to ask about during your pageant interview.  No more wondering which topics to research and prepare for…I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you! You’ll get a concise summary of the current event topics that everyone’s talking about each week – just print it out, put it in your pageant notebook and you’ll be prepared to answer any question!


Magnifying glass with globe.
Background information highlighting developing issues beyond the facts: Knowing just the basic facts of a story isn’t good enough for the interview room! You’ve got to know how the issue began, what’s happened to-date, and what possible direction this topic could take in the future. It’s almost impossible to formulate even a basic current events answer without the ability to really feel like you understand all of the factors regarding a topic – especially when the judges are asking questions about controversial or political topics.  I’ll give you a complete summary of everything you need to know in order to sound informed and prepared in the interview room. A little insight is what you need to impress those pageant judges!


Blue Question Mark Graphic
5 practice questions that challenge you to think about the topic from different perspectives: Often, the most difficult aspect of preparing for current events is guessing which questions the judges will ask about during your personal interview as well as the questions that will be asked about on-stage. Sometimes you just have no idea what they might ask and you spend more time trying to think up practice questions than practicing your answer! I make it easy by providing you with 5 practice questions so you can prepare to answer questions from any angle. My practice questions work your critical thinking and content development skills so that you improve every time you practice current events question. It’s just what you need to answer any question!


Multi Colored Pie ChartHelpful Information to Work into Your Interview Content: Using statistics, the correct vocabulary, and names of the individuals involved really help you to sound totally informed and up-to-date on any topic. You’ll receive relevant statistics and ideas on each topic so that you can include them in your interview content, whether you’re in the personal interview or on-stage. Plus, I’ll explain specific vocabulary and terms that you may not be familiar with so you can sound like a current events pro when answering your question.  Just print out the information and put it in your pageant notebook for quick and easy reference and review right before your pageant interview.   You’ll be surprised by how impressive you’re going to sound!


And here’s the best part of my Pageant Current Events program:

You can get it for only $9.95 per month!

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Whether your pageant is next week, next month, or next year, with my weekly updates YOU can feel totally informed and Confident of your ability to Answer Any Question!

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