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Carly Blog CollageCarly Kidner, Miss Rodeo Ohio, always delivers great answers to her onstage questions!

It happens every weekend; contestants worry and obsess about answering their onstage pageant interview question.  But you really don’t need to worry: here are my top pageant coach tips, that really work, so that you don’t have a meltdown during your onstage interview!

1. Focus on slowing down your heart rate and relaxing. The excitement of hearing your name for the Top 5 is almost always overwhelming, but you still have to focus and answer that last on-stage pageant interview question. Take deep, controlled breaths and repeat to yourself (in your head, not out loud) “relax, breathe, slow down”.  Say it over and over again while the other contestants are answering their questions and you’re waiting for your turn.  This will help you focus, slow down your heart rate, control your breathing and put you in the right mindset to deliver a killer answer to your final pageant interview question!

2. Make sure you hear and understand all of your question. As an experienced pageant coach, I can tell you that many contestants are so excited after hearing their name called that they don’t really hear their question clearly.  Be sure you understand what the question is and make sure you heard both the beginning and ending of the question (an ending can completely change the nature of a question).  If you don’t understand it or you missed any part of the question, flash your best beauty queen smile and politely ask the emcee to repeat the question.  Understanding the question can often be the key to getting a top score for your onstage interview.

3. Listen for clues during the question and think it through. No matter how much you prepare for your pageant interview questions, occasionally you’re going to be asked about a topic that you didn’t study.  If you listen carefully to the question, you can almost always glean enough information to come up with an answer that makes it sound like you are totally familiar with that topic.  For example, if your question is, “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”  Even if you knew nothing about this subject, if you listen for the clues you will hear that the question is about WOMEN being the PRIMARY WAGE earners in families, yet they still are still PAID LESS than men doing the same job. Obviously this sounds unfair, so it’s not tough to come up with a great answer based on only the information in the question: “While women have had some success in the workforce, I think we can all agree that there are still some glass ceilings.  There is still some wage inequity between how women and men are compensated on the job and I think we have made some great progress.  But there is still progress to be made, which is why there are programs like the mention the name of your pageant here whose goal is to mentor and empower women in their career achievement.”

So next time your name is called for the Top 5, remember these three tips so that you can deliver a winning answer to your onstage question!

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