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Why You’re Not Achieving Your Pageant Goals
Autumn Simunek placed in the Top 5 in 2014. And then she worked towards her pageant goals for 12 months, returning in 2015 to capture the crown! Competing is exciting. But it can be frustrating too – especially if you’re not achieving your pageant goals. Elite contestants know that goal setting is the key to
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Pageant Evening Gown Don’ts
Christina Stratton, Miss Kansas City’s Outstanding Teen 2016, made a smart choice when selecting her pageant evening gown and it clearly paid off! We all know that every contestant wants to look and feel like a queen at her pageant.  But I see the same pageant evening gown mistakes being made over and over by
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Top 5 Pageant Weight Loss Tips
Katie Garza, Mrs. United States 2015, went from pregnancy to the Swimsuit Award in just 3 months! The fitness competition can often be the most intimidating aspect of your pageant. And to make matters worse, there’s a lot of confusion about how to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. To avoid stressing out about
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About Us
About Us
About Us
Valerie Hayes, The Pageant Coach™
My career as a pageant coach started out innocently enough! With over 20 years of corporate experience coaching executives on their interviewing and communications skills, I've seen a lot of good and bad interviews. Then a family friend asked me to help a contestant prepare to answer a pageant interview question onstage during her local pageant. She won her local pageant and went on to capture her state title and placed in the Top 15 at her national pageant. Soon her friends, and friends-of-friends, were calling for help to win their pageants interview too!
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Expert Pageant Coaching at Local, State, National and International levels:
  • Personal Platform Development
  • Appearance Strategy
  • Papework Preparation
  • Pageant Interview Content Development
  • Interview Skill Development
  • Current Events Coaching
  • Talent Analysis
  • Competition Wardrobe & Image Consultation
  • On-stage Modeling Analysis
  • Competition Mindset Coaching