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Are you excited about your pageant but Stressed Out About Your Pageant Prep?


Are you a First-time Contestant who wants to feel prepared, poised and confident at your first pageant?


Are you confused by why you’re not winning and BELIEVE you could if you Just Knew WHAT to do?

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If this sounds like you, then one of my VIP private coaching programs will help you achieve Your True Pageant Potential™!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an overall competition strategy and effectively manage your prep for all aspects of your pageant so that you arrive at your pageant relaxed and prepared for competition.
  • Develop interview content that is 100% compelling and tailored to highlight your specific strengths as a contestant.
  • Work with my private Rolodex of experts so that you absolutely look as good as you interview!
  • Personalize and “emotionalize” your answers so you stand out as the obvious choice.
  • Connect with your judges in interview and on-stage so that they vote for you over and over again!

Why am I so confident you can improve? Because, I’ve done this before with hundreds of other contestants, just like you…


Between the photos, walking and posing I felt very confident in those areas; but when it came to interview skills that is when the hairs on the back of my neck started to stand upDoing the Skype interview sessions and working one on one with Valerie helped tremendously in calming my nerves. Working with Valerie in my preparation to Miss USA was one of the best decisions and it not only prepared me for June 3, but also for many other obstacles I will have to face in my future. This woman is fantastic and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!” – Lauren Lundeen, Miss Oklahoma USA™ 2012, Top Ten Miss USA™ 2013

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Valerie has been so helpful in regards to preparing me for interview – she really is the best in the business! She kept me feeling motivated and confident especially during pageant week. An important necessity for me was that she always made sure I knew the latest current events. Because Valerie is an expert in the analysis of people, she really got to know me and my strengths and weaknesses and then tailored her interview coaching to my needs to make me successful. Her pep talks, constant encouragement, and pageant knowledge helped me to feel very prepared. If you want help to get a winning interview, Valerie is the one to make it happen! She will help make you the best YOU possible!” – Elissa McCracken, Miss Ohio 2012

My background is what makes my coaching so successful…

What’s different about me? I’m not a former titleholder who coaches based on what my coach taught me 10 years ago.  I’m not a pageant fan who’s randomly decided they know what it takes to win. And I’m not a sales clerk at a boutique that spends most of my time in the fitting room and is not a trained, professional coach.  You know how it is – everyone who’s ever been in a pageant or watched a pageant thinks they know what it takes to compete and win.

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I spend all day, every day coaching contestants who want to win and I’ve seen thousands of pageant forms, hundreds of interview videos, and I can’t even count how many interviews I’ve scored as a pageant judge.  I know exactly what your paperwork needs to look like and exactly how your interview needs to sound!  I can tell you what to wear for Evening Gown, what to avoid in Swimsuit/Fitness and how to get the best scores possible.  There’s no doubt when you’re working with me: whether you’re competing at the local, state, national or international level.  And since we know that pageants are won in the interview room, I know precisely where you need to be with your interview and I absolutely know how to get you there!  A full 80% of my coaching students win or place at their pageant.  And that’s not a fluke – I’ve maintained that success track record for the last 7 years!

Why?  Because I’m an experienced, proven coaching professional with a college degree in the psychology of success and a list of winning contestants across all levels of pageantry.  My success has been based on my ability to accurately diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, teach new skills quickly, and personalize everything about you so you can showcase what YOU have to offer as the next titleholder.

Here are just a few of my success stories:

Whitney-Crown-Banner-300x200 “My experience this year as Miss Alaska Teen USA 2014 has been an unbelievable, unforgettable experience. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to work with Miss Valerie. Although I live in Alaska, we were able to FaceTime or Skype for my coaching sessions to prepare for Miss Teen USA.  She helped me develop my contestant biography, guided me toward finding the perfect interview dress and accessories, and helped me realize how to utilize my life experiences while answering questions during the interview process.  I was new to all of this, and she helped me understand so much about the process of competing in a pageant.  I am forever grafeful!” – Whitney Rose Williams, Miss Alaska Teen USA™ 2014


Katie-Taylor-Snapshot-CROP “Valerie Hayes helped me so much in my preparation for my pageant interview at Miss Teen USA! She helped me look at things in the judges’ eyes and really made me think about what I was saying. Valerie doesn’t approach preparing for your pageant interview like any other coach. Instead of just teaching you to learn memorized questions, she really teaches you to think during your interview so that you can respond quickly, on-the-spot to any question that you’re asked by the judges.  She is an amazing coach and an awesome person! If you want to get a top interview score at your next pageant, I definitely recommend Valerie.” –Katie Taylor, Miss Kansas Teen USA™ 2012, Top 16 Miss Teen USA™ 2013

These winners were once in your shoes, wondering how to achieve the pageant success that they believed was possible. And now you have access to the very same information and coaching!

Here’s what your package includes:


Purc Button Spacer 1. Pageant Prep Plan: In our first session we’ll develop a personalized Pageant Prep Plan so you arrive at your pageant Prepared and Stress Free. You’ll be able to:

  • Focus on WHAT you should be doing and HOW you should be doing it.
  • Avoid the 5 Pageant Prep Mistakes made by almost every contestant.
  • Strategically Work your Individual Pageant Plan.
  • Develop a competition wardrobe strategy BEFORE you go shopping.
  • Follow a proven process that prepares you to win!
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Purc Button Spacer 2. Private Coaching Sessions: During each of your coaching sessions, I’ll teach you to enhance your strengths and develop your skills to get top scores in the interview room and on stage! You’ll learn to:

  • Develop the public speaking skills necessary to really connect with the judges both in the interview room and on stage.
  • Answer any question – no matter what the topic or how it’s asked.
  • Review your competition wardrobe to make sure that it’s crown-worthy.
  • Develop the poise and confidence of an elite contestant.
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Purc Button Spacer 3. Current Events Coaching: Everyone contestant who competes is worried about answering controversial pageant interview questions about current events. During your coaching sessions we’ll discuss:

  • Major U.S. and international current event topics.
  • Background information to help you understand all aspects of the issues.
  • Helpful statistics to use during your answers.
  • Possible current events questions so you can practice your winning answers!
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Purc Button Spacer 4. Develop a Winning Mindset: There’s no doubt that Attitude + Skills = Your Pageant Outcome. But sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a winning attitude 24/7. During your coaching sessions you’re learn how to:

  • Analyze your stress patterns and proactively put plans in place to remain calm and poised at the competition.
  • Interact effectively with other contestants without letting them throw you off your competition game plan.
  • Create your own personal plan for remaining calm and confident under the stress of competition.
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Amy-USA-EG-CROP“I was so thrilled to work with Valerie Hayes and have nothing but positive things to say about my coaching experience working with her. From my first online Skype sessions to our in-person coaching workshops, she was always so helpful and gave valuable advice. I have worked with many different coaches during my pageant career and her style and technique is one that truly builds you up so that you walk into the interview room and any other aspect of your life with confidence! She has an amazing ability to quickly identify what you’re doing well and what you need to work on.  She makes learning new skills so much fun that you hardly realize that you’re “working” and developing new skills.  There really is no other coach like Valerie.  If you are serious about pursuing any title, then her coaching, mentoring and advice will help get you there! I can’t thank her enough for her help in my preparation for Miss USA 2012.” –Amy Spilker, Miss Nebraska USA™ 2012

stylejune12-CROP“Working with Valerie in interview workshops as well as via private phone coaching was one of the highlights of my preparation for Miss USA! She helped me identify my strengths in interview and made it easy to tackle the things I needed to work on. Before working with Valerie I was always a little nervous about my interview, but Valerie really helped me to feel prepared to answer any pageant interview question! During the Miss USA pageant Valerie spent time with me on the phone, during breaks in the rehearsal schedule, to keep me up to date on current events issues and practice possible questions and answers. Her encouragement, pep talks, and understanding of the pressures of high-level competition really helped me to be my very best! She is The Coach to help you develop a winning interview!” – Kelsey Dow, Miss Arkansas USA 2012, Top 16 Miss USA™ 2013


You KNOW that you have the potential to be a titleholder – you just need to work with someone who can help get you there! Did you know that most of my students are contestants who’ve competed before but are just not getting the results they deserve? Contestants are often surprised by how quickly they experience winning after beginning a coaching program with me. Recently one of my MAO state contestants who had never even placed in the Top 10 before walked away with the state crown!  What was the difference?  Her interview!  Does that sound like you?  Are you ready to get serious about achieving your true potential?No matter which coaching option you select I can tell you that it’s going to work for you as long as you’re motivated to improve! Your program is based on my overwhelmingly successful long distance phone and Skype coaching  (I have elite national and international level titleholders that I’ve only worked with via long distance. That’s right; I’ve never actually met them in person!) and there’s an option that’s right for every schedule and any budget!


Your competition coaching will include:


Purc Button Spacer ContestantBioPaperwork300x200 Contestant Resume/Bio:  Your contestant resume or bio is where a winning interview begins.  You can’t give great answers if you don’t get great questions…and you won’t get great questions if you don’t have a great contestant profile.  Instead of just filling in the blanks with random information about yourself, you need to develop meaningful, interesting content that tells a story about you and elicits the type of questions that make you the obvious choice for the crown.  I’ll advise you on a strategic approach to your pageant paperwork so that you establish a contestant “brand” that is unique and memorable.  Your contestant bio is the foundation of your pageant success! Purc Button Spacer


Purc Button Spacer PlatformStatementNoGraphics-300x194 Platform Statement (no graphics):  Creating a platform statement that establishes your personal connection to your platform and lists impressive information that will get the judges attention is critical to establish yourself as a serious contender for the title before you even walk in the room.  Think about it…the judges first impression of you is formed while they’re reviewing your pageant paperwork.  Even if you’re not competing in a “platform” pageant you’ll want to discuss your community leadership and volunteer activities during your interview.  I’ll advise you on the text, format and content of your platform statement so that it generates questions that make you the clear choice for the title! Purc Button Spacer


Purc Button Spacer bigstock-Platform-Template-Graphic-CROP Platform Statement (with graphics):  If you’re competing in a pageant that includes graphics on your platform statement it puts you in a bit of an awkward position: you usually don’t get to see examples of winning platform statements so you can’t create one or give direction to someone who’s helping you.  As one of the leaders in creating graphics-based platform statements, I’ll advise you on “quick hit” content and graphics all while maintaining a cohesive visual brand that connects with your platform organizations as well as your judges.  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we want to make sure your platform statement says you’re one in a million! Purc Button Spacer


Purc Button Spacer Ivory-Lace-Interview-Dress-CROP1 Competition Image Consulting:  Every pageant has it’s own, specific preferred style and top contestants understand the importance of developing a competition image that’s consistent with that style, while reflecting their own individual personality.   I’ll review your pageant wardrobe from previous competitions, look at what you have on hand or have already purchased and we’ll develop a strategy that says “crown me” to the judges.  And we won’t stop there; we’ll discuss hairstyles for each phase of competition, how to develop makeup looks for interview, appearances and on-stage competition and how to create your own iconic look as a contestant! Purc Button Spacer


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Soocial Media Strategy:  Marketing yourself as a contestant and future titleholder via the internet and social media is here to stay in pageantry and you need to be on the leading edge.  This isn’t about just posting your every day activities without a meaningful plan.  You’re going to need a social media strategy and you’re going to need to know how to implement it without spending a lot of time and money.  I’ll walk you through everything you need to know and do on Facebook, Twitter and your blog to establish yourself as a high quality contestant with a real shot at the crown!  Social media the quick and easy ways to establish yourself as a leading contestant and I’ll show you all the short cuts and how to do it without spending a fortune! Purc Button Spacer


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Strategic Success Coaching:  Learning how to prepare and compete in a pageant is just as important as the evening gown you purchased to wear on stage.  Most people don’t work with a specific plan that’s tailored to their individual competition strengths and areas for improvement.  You’ve got to stay focused, positive, develop creative problem solving skills, and immunize yourself against the negative thoughts and “mind games” that often come along with competing.  I’ll keep you on target and teach you how to handle unexpected obstacles as well as people who aren’t contributing in a positive way.  You need to develop the right mindset to win! Purc Button Spacer


To get your preferred dates and times, plan to get your appointments on my calendar 4 to 6 weeks Before You Want to Begin your VIP coaching!  

You may schedule your appointments as Skype, in-person or phone coaching sessions.


You can schedule 30 minute or 1 hour sessions – there’s an option that will work for you!


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Crystal Coaching Package
4 Total Hours Private VIP Coaching

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Jewel Coaching Package
6 Total Hours Private VIP Coaching

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1.900 Payment Button

4.225 Payment Button  Purc-Button-Spacer Purc Button Spacer

Tiara or diadem with reflection
Tiara Coaching Package
8 Total Hours Private VIP Coaching

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4.300 Payment Button  Purc-Button-Spacer Purc Button Spacer

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Crown Coaching Package
10 Total Hours Private VIP Coaching

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Purc Button Spacer TR-personal-guarantee1-CROP Valerie’s Personal Guarantee:  I cannot guarantee your results because your results are based on whether or not you do the work to prepare for your pageant. But I can guarantee that I’m personally committed to provide you with a proven formula that produces winners. I will be working hard to make sure you know absolutely everything you need to do in order to get a top score at your pageant! But in the end only you are responsible for your success. So put on your big girl pageant shoes, get up off your tiara, and let’s start working together for that crown and sash! Only YOU can be responsible for becoming the titleholder you’ve always wanted to be! Purc Button Spacer

Lacy-SS-CROPAnyone can compete, but if you want to be a competitor, call Valerie immediately!  With her guidance, experience, and proprietary technique, I propelled myself back to competitive status after being out of the pageant circuit for over ten years. She helped me transition from a Miss titleholder to a Mrs. and allowed me to redefine myself and make the most of my reign as Mrs. Texas. Valerie utilizes your strengths and weaknesses to boost your story into one of character, content, and interest. Then after my year as Mrs. Texas was over, she helped me strategize on how to use my titleholder experience to pursue career options that I had been interested in.  She truly embodies everyone someone is hoping for in a coach: knowledgeable, encouraging, and challenges you to do your best.” –Lacey Pruett, Mrs. Texas United States 2012, Fourth Runner-up Mrs. United States 2013

And because I choose to work with contestants committed to winning, this is a NO CANCELLATION/NO REFUND POLICY Program. I have found that the best results are from those that FULLY COMMIT. That being said, do NOT enroll if you are not sure you can commit to a private coaching program. I’m going to be fully committed to you and I need you to fully commit to yourself too! If you don’t have the time, don’t have the budget, or just aren’t ready to invest in your own success, this program is not for you. So, you decide.

Is this when YOU FINALLY MASTER the pageant competition skills that are proven to perhaps double, triple, or even quadruple YOUR pageant SCORES? After just a few short sessions YOU could be the one reflecting on how much you’ve learned and celebrating what you’ve accomplished!

Register now, join me on the path to pageant success, and don’t kick yourself later for not choosing to pursue your own pageant potential! I’m looking forward to working with YOU!

P.S.  Still have questions about whether or not VIP Pageant Coaching is right for you?  Click here to see answers to frequently asked questions about my pageant coaching services.

Please note: Coaching package appointments must be used within 12 months of package purchase date. Expired appointments do not carry over to another a new 12 month period or another coaching package.  To see our full Terms and Conditions click here.

Legal Disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to accurately represent coaching programs and their potential to contribute to your success.  Any claims made of actual results can be verified upon request.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average contestant and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each contestant’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any competitive situation, there is no guarantee of the outcome of your pageant.