What You Must Know About the Pageant Interview Style

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Contestant Waiting Pageant Interview Style

Contestants often spend hours and hours reviewing the wardrobe requirements for their pageant competition. They know what the opening number outfit looks like and the accessories they’re allowed to wear. They understand the swimsuit or fitness outfit requirements and have looked at every single photo of last year’s gowns. But, even after all that research, you may not understand the pageant interview style. To get top scores you need to ask a few questions about the format of your interview.

1. Ask About the Style of Your Interview. Is it a seated one-on-one, seated panel or standing panel interview? The body language that scores in a seated interview is completely different from the body language used in a standing panel interview. Remember 50% of what you communicate about yourself comes from your body language. So make sure you search the Contestant Handbook or ask the director about the pageant interview style for the competition.

2. Ask About the Length of Your Interview. The length of your interview is critical for understanding how long your answers should be. If your interview is 15 minutes, you can give long answers. But if you’ve got a 3-minute interview, you’ll want to go with shorter answers. Don’t make the mistake of not knowing how long your interview is and not practicing the answers that correspond to that interview length. Remember practice doesn’t make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect!

3. Ask About the Preferred Wardrobe Style of Your Interview. Just like fashions change in the real world, styles change in Pageant Land. While some pageants have moved away from interview dresses, there are many pageants where dresses are still preferred. Search the pageant website to see if there are photos from last year’s competition and check out what contestants who placed in the Top 5 wore for their interview. Make sure that you take a little time to do your research before you shell out money for an interview outfit that’s all wrong for your pageant!

4. Ask About the Personality of Your Interview. Every pageant you compete in has a preferred ‘look’ that’s part of the pageant interview style. The preferred look might be ‘Hollywood Red Carpet,’ or it might be ‘All American Girl.’ Just like pageants have a preferred look, they also have a preferred ‘personality.’ It may be a ‘fun and flirty’ personality or something a little more ‘intelligent.’ Your job is to answer pageant interview questions within the style preferred by the pageant while staying true to yourself and your personality. It takes practice to merge the two, but you need to know the preferred personality of your interview to get a top score!

5. Ask About Current Events, Political and Controversial Questions. Some pageants don’t ask current events questions during Interview. Other pageants expect contestants to answer current events questions in the interview room and onstage. Make sure you ask the pageant staff what directions the judges receive about pageant interview questions. Are judges allowed to ask questions on any topic? Or are they instructed to avoid religious, political or controversial topics? When you know what will, and what will not be asked you can better prepare for your interview.

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