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FINALLY…a Do-It-Yourself Training System that Makes Preparing For Your Pageant Interview Easy!
(Even If You’re A First-Time Contestant)

Valerie Hayes

Did you ever wish you had a proven practice plan so that you can Answer Any Pageant Interview Question? A plan than included a complete list of the most commonly asked pageant questions and guided you through the Correct Way to practice for your interview? You won’t believe how much easier preparing for your interview is with a good, qualified list of pageant questions. Plus, I’m going to show you how to use the practice correctly, step by step!

Dear Pageant Friend,

Are you a pageant contestant who’s struggling when practicing questions related to your pageant interview?

Or, are you a pageant parent trying to help your daughter prepare for her next pageant interview?

Do you have high hopes for your pageant interview, but you’re not sure what questions to practice and you’re feeling completely stuck?

The #1 reason pageant contestants don’t practice for their pageant interview is that they don’t Know How to Practice and they don’t have a Good List of Practice Questions!

I understand your situation completely and know that it can be totally frustrating!

I know you’re working hard to prepare for your pageant and you really want to get the best possible interview score.

I’m sure you’re going to do great. But wouldn’t you feel much more confident if you knew How to Practice Correctly and if you knew in advance what pageant interview questions you might be asked during your competition?

So by popular demand, it’s finally here…

Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System!

You see, you can have the best competition wardrobe ever purchased. And you can have the most fabulous on-stage modeling technique ever seen. But, if you can’t answer the most commonly asked pageant interview questions, you’re going to have a hard time being taken seriously as a real competitor for the crown.

My private pageant interview students have been using these practice strategies and pageant questions for years. My proven system has been developed over years of pageant coaching. It includes the information you need to know so that you don’t waste your time practicing incorrectly. You can spend hours and hours practicing the wrong way and you won’t improve your interview skills! Plus you’ll get the most frequently asked questions from all the top pageants across the country, including the pageants you see on TV. By using this system, you’re going to be more prepared for your pageant, feel more confident in the interview room, and really WOW the judges with your interview abilities!

Through my experience as a pageant interview coach, I’ve learned that the biggest barriers to getting contestants to practice at home is that they don’t know how to practice and they don’t know which questions to practice. Since I strongly believe that practicing in-between coaching appointments is essential to success, I developed this system for my private coaching students and am now making it available to you! Just like my private students, you’ll find that my Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System will really help you to Answer Any Question in your personal and on-stage interview!

Sarah Chapman, Miss Nevada USA™ 2011

Working with Valerie Hayes in preparation for Miss Nevada USA and Miss USA is an experience I am able to take with me in all avenues of my professional life. What I loved most about working with Valerie is she encouraged me to be myself and follow my heart and beliefs, while helping perfect my answers so that the delivery of my opinions would be clear and concise. This is a life long skill that I am so grateful I have and I know it helped me relax during my pageant interviews to let the judges just see me for me. Valerie is the kind of pageant coach you want supporting you and guiding you towards your goals. Thank you for all you do, Valerie!”

The #1 fear of pageant contestants is being asked a question
they’re not prepared to answer!

As The Pageant Coach™, I’ve coached hundreds of contestants across the country competing in all the top pageant systems, many of whom have gone on to win the coveted Interview Award. I’ve created a system to help those contestants practice at home so that they’re absolutely, 100% prepared for the personal and on-stage interview. I’ve told them exactly how to practice and made certain that they followed my system at home for maximum improvement. But I didn’t stop there: I’ve attended hundreds of pageants at every level and I’ve taken careful notes at each and every pageant in order to compile the Ultimate List of Pageant Questions. I’ve used this list over and over when working with my private coaching students and I can tell you that these questions are time-tested and proven! I worked hard to make sure there are no duplicate questions and that every question on the list is appropriate for your age division. There are no “What qualities attracted you to your husband?” in the Teen or Miss lists and no “Please describe your favorite teacher” in the Mrs./Ms. list. This list is so complete that you will recognize these questions at your next pageant and be prepared to answer with confidence!

So by request, here it is, my brand new

Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System

My 501 Perfect Practice Pageant Questions ebook includes:

Each and every question has been carefully selected based on its relevance across pageant systems and its appropriateness for your competition division. If you’re a Mrs./Ms. Contestant, your list will not include any “Teen” questions. And if you’re a Teen or Miss, you won’t need to skip over any questions about your husband or three children. My ultimate list of pageant questions takes all the guess work out of practicing for your pageant.

Wow – does that sound good to you? I knew it would!

And, not only do I list the questions, but I explain why the judge is asking that type of question so that you can better understand how to formulate your answer.

But I don’t stop there. I also cover Tips on How to Use the Questions such as…

Ready to order now?

Practicing with my system and using the questions in my ebook WORKS.

Read how my questions have helped these contestants develop a winning pageant interview!

Brittany Dawn Brannon, Miss Arizona USA™ 2011

“Valerie is not just a pageant coach, she is a woman who not only helps you sound your best for pageant interviews, but also a woman who makes you understand the true root of you who are as a person. Valerie helped me to see what I am capable of in my life and how communication with others plays a large role in that outcome. I remember being at Miss USA backstage in hair and make-up, with my headphones on. I had called Valerie and she was gracious enough to spend a good hour talking me through current events that had happened while I was at Miss USA, what my goal was for being there and the main goals I had for the rest of my year. She spent her time encouraging me and not only preparing me for Miss Arizona USA 2011 and Miss USA 2011, but she helped prepare me for my life. I have used all of the skills Valerie taught me so far in my life and I plan on continuing to do so because I see the benefits of success in her friendship, coaching and life lessons.

Deborah Ashton-Cooke, Mrs. Nevada International™ 2012, Top Ten Mrs. International 2013™, Mrs. Nevada United States 2011, Second Runner-Up Mrs. United States 2011

I have been competing for over 30 years and local titles (MAO, USA, Mrs. America systems) and even state titles (Mrs. America, Mrs. United States systems). I could not, however, make it into that final group in a National Competition…ok, let’s face it, I couldn’t even get into the top ten! Then I hired Valerie Hayes as my interview coach for Mrs. United States. Entering that pageant I was by far the oldest contestant at 50 years of age! Valerie took me step by step from being a good contestant to being a great one! She broke old habits that weren’t in my best interest and built me into an elite contestant that was named 2nd runner-up to Mrs. United States 2011! I learned more from her in six months than my 30 plus years prior! Most importantly I learned how to be calm and collected for that all important final onstage question and NAILED it! I could never thank her nor recommend her enough! Valerie is FABulous!!!

Brielle LaCosta, Miss New Jersey Galaxy 2011

Brielle LaCosta“Valerie helped me through every step of the way in preparing for my National pageant. From wardrobe, nutrition, and especially interview skills, she was there to guide me with her expertise. I received exceptionally high interview scores, and continue to use everything she taught me in my day to day life. Valerie motivated me more than anyone, and when I got to Nationals I felt like I had an edge over everyone else. Thank you so much Valerie!”



My Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System really works, doesn’t it? And I have dozens more testimonials just like these.

What would you pay to get these questions as one of my private coaching students? A private coaching student would need to schedule over 30+ individual sessions to receive all of these pageant interview questions. If you scheduled one appointment per week, that would be almost 5 months of coaching appointments! That would be over $1,800 for 30 thirty-minute appointments!

It’s taken me years to develop the system my private coaching students use to practice at home and it took me over 4 years to collect all the questions in the list I’m sharing with you! I’ve attended hundreds of pageants, talked to contestants after their personal interview about the questions they were asked, and written down every on-stage question. If it’s been asked, I’ve written it down!

And now, my complete Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System is Here for You!

I’ve got the ultimate system, including a list of pageant questions segmented by competition division, ready for you to Start Using Today!

Even though you would spend a fortune as a private coaching student to get all these questions, (yes, I’m not kidding – over $1,800!), I’m offering my Perfect Practice Pageant Interview System, complete with list of ultimate pageant questions, for a limited time for only $27 USD.

And since everything in the system is a digital product, you can download it and start working on your interview right away!

Yes, I know there are some other lists of questions out there.  But that’s not everything you need to practice, and improve, on your own.  Plus, these knock-off lists often have out-of-date questions, pump up their total number of questions with duplicate questions and are not specifically written for the different competition divisions (Teen, Miss, Ms./Mrs).  But most importantly, they don’t include insights into why the judge is asking the question.  And they don’t include tips on how to use the list to practice at home.  This is information you need to get the best out of your interview practice sessions!

My Perfect Practice Pageant Interview System has stood the test of time! I really want you to have the resources you need to improve your pageant interview so you can Experience the Success You Deserve!


Angelique Hoover, Mrs. International 2011

Angelique HooverValerie makes it easy to understand HOW to communicate with the judges and HOW to formulate your words! As I was preparing for the Mrs. Texas International Pageant, Valerie’s skill set and comprehensive coaching skills allowed me to bring my best self forward. This allowed me to realize one of my life goals; to have the coveted honor of Mrs. Texas International. I am forever grateful and blessed to know such a life changing person!”



So, are you ready?

Stop Struggling and Make Practicing Your Pageant Interview EASY!

Just imagine how much EASIER practicing will be when you have a complete practice system that’s been prepared just for you!

Take it from me, having a practice strategy plus a giant list of proven pageant questions is the key to preparing. If you only have one tool for preparing for your pageant interview, my Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System SHOULD BE IT!

YES Valerie, I Want to get the Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System Right Now!

I understand I’ll receive INSTANT downloadable files of the Interview Practice Schedule, Interview Practice Strategy Interview Practice Checklist, 501 Perfect Practice Pageant Questions ebook, and How to Practice Your Interview personal coaching audio file.  I’ll FINALLY have a proven plan to practice my pageant interview!

And I’ll only pay $27 USD — no shipping or tax added.

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PaymentOnce you place your order via our secure server, you’ll be able to download your Perfect Pageant Interview Practice System and start preparing for your pageant interview within minutes. So are you ready? It’s time to finally feel prepared for your next pageant interview!

Valerie Hayes

Get your copy now!

Best Wishes,

Valerie Hayes
The Pageant Coach™


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P.P.S. Remember, you’re getting the same information that my private coaching students have paid over $1,800 to receive.  Grab your practice system now and start working towards your top interview today!

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