Surviving Killer Pageant Shoes

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Lauren Lundeen, Miss Oklahoma 2012, was so comfortable in heels that she practically floated down the runway!


One of the hallmarks of an elite contestant is the ability to look completely relaxed and beautiful on stage.  But if your shoes are killing you it’s almost impossible to exude beauty and grace!  As a pageant coach, I’m constantly asked how to find shoes that won’t make you miserable during the long hours of pageant competition.  Here are a few “must-do” survival tips for making sure your shoes feel as good as they look:

1.  Don’t Compromise On Size.  No matter how cute the shoe you’re lusting after is, don’t try to squeeze your foot into a shoe that’s a half or full-size too small.  While you might be able to stand it for 5 minutes while you’re trying on the shoe, it really won’t work out for the 3 hours you’re wearing that shoe during the pageant. You don’t want to be wincing in pain while your answering pageant interview questions or modeling on stage.  Wearing the right size shoe is an absolute must – don’t ever compromise on size!

2.  Budget for Comfort.  The comfort of your pageant shoe is dictated by the quality of the construction of the sole and the heel.  You need to have a sole that is shaped properly to conform to your foot and the heel absolutely must be stable enough for the spinning and twirling that takes place during the opening number and on-stage modeling.  While it may be tempting to cut corners with a cheaper shoe, your feet will pay the price at the pageant.  Instead of purchasing a ton of cheap shoes for your pageant, save up your pageant pennies and invest in two to three really well made shoes.  Make sure when you’re putting together your pageant budget that you remember to budget for comfort!

3.  Practice Wearing Your Heels Before the Pageant.  The secret to wearing heels non-stop at a pageant is to wear your pageant shoes, or a similar heel, regularly beginning 6 – 8 weeks prior to your pageant.  The two main reasons for this are the mechanics of wearing heels and the ability to move and balance in your shoes.  When you’re wearing heels the calf muscle of your leg is pushed up and your shin muscle is extended.  You’ve got to gradually get your leg accustomed to this unnatural position so that you don’t develop shin splints by day 2 of the pageant.  Additionally, the balance required when wearing flats and low-heels is completely different from the balance your body maintains to walk in a 4”+ heel.  By practicing early and gradually getting used to balancing in a variety of situations (walking, climbing stairs, etc.) your body will naturally develop the ability to balance in heels so that it’s second nature during the pageant!

4.  Be Prepared With Adorable Flats:  No one, absolutely no one, wears 4” heels during every moment of arrival, appearance events, rehearsal, and competition.  Make sure you have some flats on hand for events on the schedule that don’t require a high-glamour look.  Select fashionable, basic flats that can easily work with any outfit in your rehearsal wardrobe just in case you need to switch to flats for a few hours. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t look stylish and comfortable while you’re giving your feet a rest from those stilettos!

5.  Bring Your Shoe Emergency Kit:  Make sure you’re prepared for a foot first-aid moment.  Bring Band-aids in a variety of sizes, a “rub relief” stick for strappy sandals, moleskin and bring along some footpads or gel inserts.  If you’ve properly prepared you won’t need any of these items but an elite contestant is always prepared!

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