If You Could Change the World

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One of the most popular pageant questions is “If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be and why?” Even though it’s a fairly common pageant interview question, it can often cause contestants to draw a blank and panic. Sometimes it’s tough to decide how you would change the world in […]

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No Nonsense Guide to Nailing Your Onstage Question

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It happens every weekend; contestants worry and obsess about their onstage interview.  But worrying just makes you self-conscious and doesn’t do anything to help you answer your question. Worrying about your onstage question is actually the #1 way to ensure a meltdown in the middle of your answer. To get a top score, follow this […]

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4 Steps to Pick Your Perfect Pageant

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The #1 key to winning is learning how to pick your perfect pageant! It’s a well-known rule of competition: not every contestant is the perfect fit for every pageant. Maybe the contestant doesn’t have the right academic background, community service work, or preferred personality. We all know and recognize this tough, but important, rule. But […]

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