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"Working with Valerie for my Miss USA pageant interview was one of the best decisions I made! It not only prepared me for the pageant, but also for many other obstacles I will have to face in my future. This woman is fantastic and I recommend her as a pageant coach to anyone and everyone!"

Lauren Lundeen, Miss Oklahoma USA 2012, Top 10 Miss USA 2012

"Working with Valerie gave me the confidence and assurance to do well in my pageant interviews for local competitions, Miss Hawaii, and Miss America. She helped me articulate my points and always made sure I remained true to myself. The skills I have received from her carried me into 2nd Runner-up at the Miss America pageant, but I will carry the lessons of communication with me for the rest of my life!"

Jalee Fuselier, Miss Hawaii 2010
Second Runner-up Miss America 2011

"Valerie Hayes prepared me so much for my pageant interview at Miss Teen USA! She helped me look at things in the judges’ eyes and really made me think about how I was answering my pageant interview questions. Valerie helped me learn to relax and take a deep breath before I was answering something that caught me off guard. I think she is an amazing coach and such an awesome person! I would definitely recommend her to you.”

Katie Taylor, Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012, Top 16 Miss Teen USA 2013


Welcome to my blog and my new and improved website!  I’m so glad that you stopped by to see everything that’s here for FABulous contestants just like you!  Just in case this is your very first visit to the website, here’s a little bit about me:

I love working with pageant contestants.  Why?  Because pageant contestants are like no other people you’ll ever meet.  They have a positive, “can do” attitude and are interested in learning new skills and developing their talents to the fullest.  Sure they like to win…after all, doesn’t everyone?  (And make no mistake; this website is about helping you to win.)  But elite contestants and titleholders (and winners in any competitive sport) know that it’s the journey more than the destination that counts.  The crown and sash only last for 12 months but the skills and abilities you develop on the way to that title are what last a lifetime.  That’s what makes pageant contestants so special: although they’re working hard to win, they really do see the bigger picture.

That’s me in the black evening gown – four feet shorter than everyone else!

But it doesn’t end there; pageant contestants are actively working towards their own success at the same time they’re supporting and encouraging the success of others.  You see, elite pageant contestants are not the self-centered, self-obsessed people you see portrayed in the movies and on TV.  (The media just likes to present those exaggerated stereotypes to get good ratings.)  Thousands and thousands of hours of community service are done each year by pageant contestants.  Whether it’s their community service activities, appearances representing their title, or just a comment here and there encouraging sister contestants and titleholders, pageant contestants are special because they know that giving back to others is ultimately the best way to make a difference.

Pageant friends are the best!


And while all those TV shows and movies like to focus on pageant hair and the challenges of walking in sky-high heels don’t let anyone tell you that pageant skills don’t cross over to the Real World.  They absolutely do!  We’ve all seen successful women in all walks of life who are former contestants and titleholders.  My students have become broadcasters, charity spokespersons, doctors, lawyers, community leaders, successful entrepreneurs, business people, and the list could go on and on.  Thank about it for just a moment: the skills that it takes to win a pageant, (the ability to talk to a variety of people, to work under stressful situations, to bounce back after setbacks, to remain poised and confident even when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone) are the very same skills it takes to be successful in life.

Giving my opinion on Good Morning America about a pageant controversy.

So, welcome!  This is a place where you can find helpful information on your path to becoming an elite contestant…then an elite titleholder…and then an elite success in all aspects of your life!  This is your Home for the pageant information you’ve always wanted to know, the encouragement you’ve been looking for, and the mentoring you need to win the crown.  So put on your best pageant heels, get ready to start down your yellow brick road, click your heels three times together and say “there’s no place like Home!”

Love and success,

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