Lacey Waldrep Pruett, Mrs Texas United States 2012

Mrs. Texas United States 4538

“Having successfully competed in pageants before, I was certain that I knew everything I needed to know about pageant interviews.  However, I started learning new skills from Valerie Hayes in our very first session.  Valerie was instrumental in shaping my pageant interview and helping me place as Fourth Runner-up at the national pageant.  Since I decided to compete in order to further develop my career path, working with Valerie had a double benefit.  For the person out to be the change they wish to see in our world, Valerie’s coaching compliments your efforts as you identify and develop your passion. As a health and wellness business owner, she challenges me to look beyond my certifications, experience and personal health and wellness and pushes me to the next level. Much like I coach my clients in fitness and nutrition she uses her experience as a professional performance coaching to nourish your vision toward success by helping you look past your personal and perceived boundaries, ensuring your area of influence expands beyond your own expectations. In today’s business world, you need the professionalism and experience Valerie holds and the gusto she brings to the table.”