Rachael Burns, Miss Texas International 2014

14.4.28 Rachel Burns 7717 Crown

Look up the word “fabulous” in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Valerie Hayes! I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with Valerie before my state and national pageants. She is one of the most positive and friendly people I have ever met and has the ability to draw greatness out of everyone she meets. I was first runner up four times for a state title and I feel that Valerie helped me gain that little extra confidence I needed to win finally! She helped me see that my disability is not what holds me back but what makes me unique and interesting. Instead of hiding behind it, I made it the forefront of my platform to help others, and I grew so much in the process!  Whether you are new to pageants or a well seasoned competitor, I believe you have undiscovered greatness that Valerie can find to give you that edge on the competition.  She is, after all, totally fabulous!