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I know you’re scared.But I’ll stand right beside you until you find a job.

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You weren’t planning to look for a new job but you were laid offThe pandemic has changed everything about how to get a jobYou feel lost, confused, depressed and don’t know where to startYou haven’t looked for a job in years but need to conduct a job search nowThe economy won’t recover from lockdown for 12 to 24 monthsYou don’t have someone on your side to guide you every step of the way

I will work directly with you to…

Develop a personal job search strategy and action plan.Create a resume that gets you interviews.Feel fully prepared to answer any question during your job interview.Manage the ups and downs of a job search so you stay on track and don’t lose hope.SEE COACHING OPTIONSSub TextCNN ABC USA Today NBC People magazine logos

Hi, I’m Valerie

I’ve interviewed and hired people for all kinds of positions.

Now, I help smart people who feel lost and overwhelmed get the job they want.

I’ll guide you every step of the way and stay with you until you get a job offer.

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Coaching session to discuss roadblocks in your job search.Coaching and advice that gets you unstuck and moving forward.Job search resources you need.Custom action plan to jumpstart your search.GET COACHINGSub Text


Professional resume that makes you stand out and gets you interviews.Interview skills coaching for in-person or virtual interviews.LinkedIn consultation and strategy.Interview outline to guide your during the interview.GET COACHINGSub Text

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Search-optimized resume and LinkedIn profile that gets you interviews.Advice and coaching on every aspect of your job search.Salary discussion and offer evaluation.I’ll be by your side until you receive a job offer.GET COACHINGSub Text

From The Blog

 Top 10 Worst Resume Mistakes

Business woman reading resume notices top 10 worst resume mistakes

You’ve started your job search, sent in your resume for several postings, but you’ve had no response. You feel disappointed and confused. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong and have no idea what to do next. You may have committed one of the top 10 worst resume mistakes. Over 80% of resumes includes one or more of these mistakes, so an error-free resume can help you will stand out.

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How To Write A Resume Summary (With Template)

Job seeker sitting at laptop learning how to write a resume.

A killer resume starts with an attention- getting resume summary. A resume summary is a two to three sentence paragraph at the top of your resume that highlights your skills and abilities. Think of it as a way of introducing yourself without getting into all the nitty gritty details of your resume. It can be hard to boil your work experience down to two to three sentences so let’s go over how to write a resume summary.

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How To Write A Resume (With Examples)

College girl smiling and holding completed resume how to write a resume

Whether you’re dipping your toe in the job market pool for the first time or diving back in for a career move, you know that every successful job search begins with a resume. But, writing a resume is one of those things that makes people feel lost and a little overwhelmed. No worries. To get you pointed in the right direction, let’s do a quick and easy review of how to write a resume.

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How to Win The Interview Game

To win you have to know the rules of the game.

Get my free guide and learn How To Win The Interview Game.

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