Top 5 Secrets to Winning Your Pageant

All secrets to winning your pageant

What Contestants Say

Shae Smith

Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen 2019

“Valerie taught me speaking and critical thinking skills to feel confident in both personal and onstage interview.  I won my state title and placed fourth runner up at the national pageant!"

Mackenzie Peterson

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2019

”Valerie helps you understand and navigate through tough issues so you can decide what you think. And then she helps you put your thoughts into your own words!"

You Can Achieve Your Pageant Goals

Valerie HayesValerie Hayes

Entering a pageant is fun. You dream of floating down the runway in a beautiful gown and waving to family and friends after the crown's placed on your head. It looks easy, right?

But competing in a pageant can feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. You're not sure what you need to learn, the skill level needed to win, and how to become a top contestant.

So, you get well-meaning advice from family, friends, and maybe even former contestants - but it doesn't get you top scores. You know you have what it takes but you can't figure out how to win over the judges.

That's why I created my Top 5 Secrets to Win Your Next Pageant. It helps you understand what you need to know to be a top contender for the crown. You can Make Your Pageant Dreams Come True. Download it now!

Top 5 Secrets to Winning Your Pageant