Rachel Smith Miss USA Falls 4 Things Your Should Never Do On Stage

4 Things You Should Never Do On Stage

Appearing on stage during the pageant can be the most exciting and terrifying moment of the pageant. You’re thinking about the modeling pattern and trying to appear poised and confident. Everything’s going along perfectly, and then you lose focus and do something so small that you don’t think the judges will notice. But they do. And your score shows it. So, to help you avoid that moment here are the 4 Things You Should Never Do On Stage.

1. Drop Your Pageant Face

No matter how you feel, no matter what happens, you can’t drop your pageant face. Period. But first, let’s define what your pageant face is and what it isn’t. It’s not a plastic, frozen smile that you’ve plastered on your face. Your pageant face is a pleasant, engaged facial expression that gives the impression that you’re enjoying every aspect of the competition.

But sometimes, if you’re concentrating on doing your best, you’ll drop your pageant face. What the judges now see is a bored blank expression or a tense, anxious expression. Whether you’re in the middle of your modeling routine or just standing in a lineup, you must be aware of the expression on your face.

Even if something unexpected happens, you must maintain your pageant face. When Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007, tripped and fell at the Miss Universe pageant she got back up, re-engaged her pageant face and kept on going. She was probably embarrassed and worried that her fall would hurt her chances of making the Top 5. But you couldn’t see any of that on her face. She showed the judges that she knew how to maintain her composure after what must have felt like a disaster.

Wearing your pageant face is one of the best ways to communicate poise and confidence without saying a word.

2. Drop Your Pose

Yes, it’s boring standing on stage while the emcee is blabbering on and on. You know, when their reading the judge’s bios and mentioning the sponsors. It’s tempting to relax a little and drop your pose, but don’t do it. You never know when the judges are looking at you.

The judges see everything that happens on stage. They see you looking around for your family and friends in the audience. They see you looking at another contestant with what looks like a “mean girl” face. And they see you roll your eyes when the emcee keeps on talking. The judges are always watching.

The ability to maintain your pose is one of the skills that identified you as a top contestant. If you drop your pose, you’ll blend in with the other contestants. And I’m pretty sure you were meant to stand out.

3. Fix Yourself

While the other contestants are standing perfectly still in their pose, you don’t want to be the contestant who stands out by fixing herself.  Don’t reposition your sash, don’t fluff your hair, and don’t play with the fabric of your gown.

Fixing yourself is interpreted by the judges as either a lack of confidence or a case of nerves. They might even think that you’re fidgeting because you lack maturity.

Of course, you should adjust something if it’s interfering with your ability to model or pose onstage. But anything other than that is a mistake.

After all, you’re perfect as is and don’t need any fixing.

4. Look Upset

There are a variety of reasons that you might look upset on stage. Maybe you feel that you messed up during the opening number. Or, maybe you didn’t get a specialty award that you were expecting. And of course, there’s the most common reason for feeling upset: your name wasn’t called as a finalist or the winner.

You don’t want to give the judges the impression that you can’t handle mishaps with poise or that you’re one of those drama queens who’s upset when their name isn’t called. The judges won’t be impressed if you can’t control your emotional reactions. If you can’t handle little mishaps or the unexpected, how could you possibly be the titleholder?

Remember, every moment you’re on stage the judges are judging you. They’re watching you during the opening number, during walk-on and walk-offs, and while you’re just standing in a lineup. If you’re in the same room as the judges and they are awake, they’re judging you. So, next time you’re on stage remember these 4 Things You Should Never Do On Stage.

You’re going to be FABulous!