dreamed of your crowning moment

You've dreamed of your crowning moment.

You know that you would be a great titleholder.

You want to get top scores, but you've got a lot of questions with no answers.

What kind of gown should I wear?

Which headshot should I submit?

What will I be asked during my interview?

Walking into the interview room can sometimes feel like you've entered the great unknown. You don't know what the judges will ask and you're worried that you won't know what to say. You're not sure how to stand out from the other contestants and you're praying that you don't get asked a tough current events question.

You know you can do this...but you'd like a little help along the way.

Valerie Hayes, The Pageant Coach™

Hi! I'm Valerie Hayes, The Pageant Coach.

I work in Pageant Land (well, that's what I call it) where
I specialize in interview, current events and platform development.
I help first-time and experienced contestants learn the skills necessary
to compete with confidence so they can consistently place and win.

I've been helping contestants just like you for over 15 years. I've coached contestants for high school pageants, county fair pageants, local, state, national and international pageants. If you've watched a US-based pageant on TV recently, you've seen some of my contestants compete.

I'm best known for teaching advanced pageant interview skills and creating fully developed personal platforms.

I'm also an expert current events coach and can teach you how to easily answer controversial questions.

When I’m not coaching contestants, I hang out with my dogs, enjoy DIY home decorating projects, and pretend that I'm learning to knit.

Valerie Hayes, helping contestants

Maybe I Can Help You...

Want to Know a Little More?

Here are 10 fun facts about me...

  1. I've lived in California, Utah, Minnesota, and Texas. Because I've lived in so many different places, I have a confusing accent that sounds wrong in any state.
  2. I've been featured as an expert pageant coach on CNN, MTV, NBC, and ABC's Good Morning America. I've also been featured in People magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and BBC News.
  3. Before opening my pageant coaching practice, I was a Human Resources executive with over 20-years experience working for several Fortune 500 companies. I saw a lot of bad interviews and a few good ones.
  4. I’ve had as many as 5 dogs at one time even though I'm allergic to dogs. Right now I have a standard poodle named Reagan and a toy poodle named Bella because poodles are hypoallergenic and don't make me sneeze.
  5. I've turned down multiple appearance requests from Toddlers and Tiaras, Nanny 911, and the production company that produced Dance Moms. I've also canceled a show development agreement with a production company for one of the top 3 broadcast channels. Why? Because I refuse to participate in a show that portrays pageant contestants, their Moms, and the pageant industry in a negative light. Period.
  6. I provide provide weekly pageant coaching advice here on my blog. The topics often come from everyday coaching appointments working with contestants. There’s probably something there that relates to you. If you’re always on the go, you can get articles delivered directly to your email inbox by clicking here.
  7. I have a degree from the University of Minnesota in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Which is just a fancy way of saying helping people to achieve success with their natural gifts and abilities.
  8. My two children grew up analyzing and discussing current events on a daily basis. If I can teach them, I can you too.
  9. Contestants who work with me are surprised by how much they can learn while having fun in every appointment. Your skills will improve, you’ll feel prepared for your pageant, and your self-esteem will soar. If you have questions about how it all works, just shoot us an email, and we’ll get right back to you.
  10. I take a highly personalized, individualized approach to pageant coaching. I won’t let you look like anyone else, sound like anyone else, and I can help you discover your strengths as a contestant, even when you’re not sure what they are. You're going to be FABulous!