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Hi, I'm Valerie.

Do you feel awkward when talking about yourself and your business? Talking about yourself is discouraged, so you're never taught how to do it.

Then, how are you supposed to handle situations where you need to market and promote yourself and your business?

Especially if you're worried that if you talk about yourself the wrong way, people will think you're arrogant - even when you're not.

I love teaching people the skills necessary to talk about themselves and their business naturally, with confidence.

Because confidence and arrogance are not the same thing.

People often call me the Interview Queen.


Because I can teach anyone how to do any type of interview.
But, I specialize in conversational interviews.

What's a conversational interview?

It's any conversation with a question/answer format where your skills and abilities are being evaluated by the person you're talking to.

It could be when...

professional event

You're meeting someone for the first time at a professional event, and you realize that the person you're meeting could be a client one day.

Project OR Contract

You're being considered for a project and want to come across as confident, likable, and natural when marketing yourself or your business.

Group Meeting

You're participating in a meeting and don't realize that you're secretly being evaluated by someone who needs your product or services.

How did I become the queen of conversational interviews?

Corporate America

For 20 years, I worked in Fortune 500 companies as a human resources professional. I hired everything from Janitors to Vice Presidents. I saw a few good interviews, some average interviews, and a lot of bad interviews.

Pageant Coach

Then, I took what I knew about interviewing and started coaching pageant contestants for their personal and onstage interviews. Contestants market themselves to be the next titleholder, which is really a brand ambassador role.

Communications Coach

Family and friends noticed how articulate and confident the contestants were when marketing themselves for the title. They started asking me to teach them the same skills so they could market themselves and their business.

Why is conversational interviewing such an important skill?

The majority of your conversation with any potential client will be in a question and answer format.

A little known secret is that pageants are won in the interview room.

And clients are won over when you can confidently market and promote yourself during a conversation in a style that's totally natural to you.

Is This You?

Don’t Know What to Say

Do you feel like hiding when potential clients ask a question? Do you have a hard time explaining what you do and why you’re a stand-out in your field? You need go-to content you can deliver with confidence. 

You Know You Blew It

Did you have the perfect opportunity to promote your business but what you said didn’t connect with the client? You blew it and wasted all that time and energy. You need to develop strategic content to use whenever you need it.

Ready to Step Up

Are you a subject matter expert who's recognized in your field, but feel awkward and uncertain in conversations with potential clients? You need to rework your content and improve your delivery skills so that they match your level of expertise.

Then you're in the right place!

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