Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017, Top 5 Current Events Questions
Kara McCullough, Miss District of Columbia, struggles a bit with her Current Events Questions.

Every contestant who’s ever competed, has worried about answering tough pageant current events questions.  Here are four smart tactics to help you answer the most challenging current events question:

1. Indicate your overall understanding of the issue. Every story has two sides to it and current events topics are no different.  You need to accurately summarize the relevant issues so the judges can tell you’re speaking from an informed position.  There’s nothing worse than formulating an answer with incomplete information you saw on TV or read on the internet.  Make sure you take the time to get the whole story during your current events prep!

2. State your position without offending others.  Most current events questions have some element of controversy attached to them.  So, chances are good that approximately 50% of your judging panel is going to disagree with your position.  Your judges don’t expect you to adjust your position based on their opinion, but they do expect your answer to be diplomatic.  It’s okay to feel strongly about a topic, but you need to explain your position without offending others.

3. Include supporting information. Once you’ve summarized the issues and stated your opinion, you need to explain why you feel the way you do.  The judges will want to understand what information you used to develop your opinion.  This is your chance to show that you can handle press conferences or interviews as the titleholder.  Use examples, statistics, or stories from your personal experience when explaining your position.  You want to demonstrate that your position is based on a logical thought process to get a top score.

4. Summarize and close. No matter how difficult your question is, don’t lose command of your answer and just drift off at the end. Remember: you’re being scored on your delivery as well as your content.  The first thing the judges will notice is the look on your face when you first hear your question.  So, it’s important to practice controlling your “panic” face.  The next thing they’ll notice is the content of your answer.  But, their final impression will be how you closed your answer, so make it good!

Use these four smart tips and you’ll easily sail through those tough pageant current events questions.  You really Can Answer Any Question!



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