Pageant Girl Crying Beauty Pageant MistakesIt’s that time again: you’re reviewing what worked and what didn’t work from your last pageant competition. And you’re planning to use that information to improve your scores in your next pageant. But do you know the Top 5 Beauty Pageant Mistakes made by contestants? Here are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to get top scores.

1. No Strategic Prep Plan. Most contestants get excited about competing, and as soon as they’re signed up for the pageant, they start shopping. They jump right in and start shopping for their competition wardrobe or schedule their headshots. But your first step should be to develop a strategic prep plan. What do I mean by ‘strategic’? Different pageants have different overall brands, and the scoring categories reflect each pageant’s brands.  Your prep plan should be consistent with the focus of your pageant, so you’re ready to get top scores.

2. Spending Too Much Money on Wardrobe. It’s lots of fun to spend money on your competition wardrobe. You try on beautiful gowns, get excited about flirty cocktail dresses, and of course, you need the fabulous shoes! This is easily one of the most common beauty pageant mistakes. But you need to sit down and prioritize your pageant budget before you start shopping. Most contestants blow the bulk of their budget on wardrobe before they realize it. And then they don’t have enough money left over to invest developing their pageant skills. That fabulous wardrobe may cause the judges to look your way, but if you don’t have the right skills, they won’t give you a great score.

3. Repeatedly Entering Pageants vs Developing Real Skills. Some contestants are emotionally addicted to competing. They love the “high” of pageant weekend, get bored in-between competitions and are constantly looking for the next pageant to compete in. They enter again and again but end up feeling frustrated when their placement never seems to improve. If that’s happening to you, my advice as a pageant coach is that you’re probably competing too frequently and are not investing enough time developing the skills necessary to win. Instead, cut back on the number of pageants you’re competing in and use that money to invest in developing the skills of an elite contestant.

4. Competing in the Wrong Pageant. Often contestants enter their first pageant and do well, but feel that they have potential to do better. They’ll become completely focused on winning in that pageant, even though that particular pageant is not a good fit for them. This is where understanding the brand of the pageant, scoring categories, and preferred contestant profile is important. You shouldn’t be trying to make yourself over to fit that pageant; you should take the time to evaluate whether or not the pageant is the right fit for you.

5. Taking Advice from Everyone. Anyone who’s ever attended a pageant or has seen a pageant on TV considers themselves to be a pageant expert – and they’re just dying to give you advice on how to win. Unfortunately, it’s not always qualified advice and it’s your job to use your critical thinking skills to evaluate the suggestions you receive. You will need to consider if they have a demonstrated track record of helping contestants win before considering their advice. You’ll also want to determine if they are an expert in just one scoring category or if they’re an overall qualified pageant coach professional.

Now you know how to avoid the most common beauty pageant mistakes that can tank your scores. You’re ready to make your next pageant, your best pageant ever!