6 Schedule Friendly Holiday Appearance Ideas

Pageant contestants and titleholders are often some of the most active volunteers within a community. During the holidays', contestants and titleholders often take time out of shopping and holiday parties to make appearances that make a positive impact in their community. But sometimes it’s hard to think of community service activities that work with a busy holiday schedule. So, here are some easy, schedule-friendly holiday appearance ideas to help you through the holiday season. 1. Local Food Pantry. Your local food pantry will probably be collecting food donations for the holiday season. Ask them for a list of items they need to re-stock their shelves and then print up a simple

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5 Reasons You Can’t Achieve Your Pageant Goals

You pick out a pageant, send in your entry fee, and start searching for the perfect evening gown. Then, you surf the web for hair and makeup ideas and research last year's Top 5 contestants. You do everything you can think of to do well at the pageant, but don't end up winning or even getting a placement. You pack up the car, totally depressed, feeling like you just can't achieve your pageant goals.

So you pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and make a plan to improve for your next pageant. You create a pageant prep checklist, take walking lessons, and read a list of possible interview questions. And you still don't place or win. You're ready to pull your

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Go Getters Guide to Pageant Prep

Let’s be honest: sometimes competing in a pageant is both thrilling and frustrating.  Before the pageant, you’re excited about winning, and then after the pageant you often disappointed with your

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