Online Courses to Help You
Capture the Crown

Online Courses to Help You Capture the Crown

Valerie's instruction, guidance and support have led me to capture numerous titles (and top interview awards) and helped me to become the confident and well-spoken young woman I am today both inside and outside of the pageant world.

- Nicole Fernandez, Miss Sugar Land's Outstanding Teen 2019

Hi, I'm Valerie.
Welcome to my Online Courses.
I developed these resources so that you could
quickly ramp up your pageant interview skills.
Because, with a little help, I believe you can do anything!

Rock Your Contestant Bio

Your contestant resume is the foundation of your pageant interview. If you don't have a great bio, you can't get great scores.

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Perfect Pageant Platform

Create a fully developed platform that impresses the judges and leads to top scores.

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Master the Pageant Interview

Learn how to answer trick questions, handle controversial topics, and convince the judges that they should vote for you.

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Interview Practice System

Learn the correct way to practice your interview to quickly build skills and develop confidence.

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Not Sure Which Course You Should Do?

Shoot me a quick email and I'll help you pick the course that's right for you.

Valerie's teachings gave Delaney the tools and confidence to compete in her first state pageant. Valerie has taught my daughter interview skills that will not only help her succeed in pageantry, but also in her life and career.

- Amanda Duffy, mother of Delaney Duffy, West Virginia Sutton Fall Festival Teen 2019

An Online Course is Right For You if…

  • You're a first time contestant and want to be successful in your very first pageant.
  • You're an experienced contestant who's frustrated because you don't consistently place or win.
  • Your pageant is getting closer by the minute and you need to develop pageant skills fast.

An Online Course is Not Right for You if…

  • You are 100% certain that you have top skills and don't believe there's room for improvement.
  • You aren't willing to take coaching and advice about how to win your pageant.
  • You just don't believe yourself and don't think you have the potential to be a titleholder.

I was looking for someone that could take my interview skills to a whole new level. I often struggled with overthinking questions and feeling scared of what was going to be asked. Valerie helped me develop my own opinions on a wide array of topics. Valerie Hayes helped me achieve my wildest dreams!

– Carrie Wintle, Miss South Dakota 2018