Current Events Questions Are The
Ultimate Test of Your Pageant Interview Skills

Your judges might start out with basic, standard pageant questions but
if they're seriously considering you for the title they're going to ask tough current events questions.

But studying current events topics can be
frustrating and time consuming.

You're not sure what topics to study, where to find accurate current events information, and how to guess which questions the judges might ask.

And with a busy schedule, it's easy to procrastinate until it's almost too late.

You need a quick and easy way to
get up-to-speed on current events.

Current Events Cram Session is the
Fast Way to Prepare for Current Events Questions.

Current Events Cram Session is an instant access tutorial for you to brush up on current events.
It's simple to follow and you won't spend tons of time working through confusing information!

Your tutorial will include:

  • Summary of Recent Current Events

    You’ll receive a concise summary of the current events topics that everyone, including your judges, have been watching on the news. You won’t have to spend hours pouring over stacks of newspapers or surfing the web wondering which topics to study.

  • National and International Issues

    There’s nothing worse than being asked a question about a topic that your news source didn’t cover. Current Events Update covers all the impactful topics that pageant judges tend to ask about so that you won’t be surprised by a current events question.

  • Focused, Helpful Information

    It’s easy to get lost in all the editorial comments about current events topics. You’ll get information directly related to the topic, without all the extras, so that you have the facts you need to develop an opinion and deliver a winning answer.

Thank you Valerie Hayes for all your coaching and advice! I felt totally prepared to answer every question in the interview room and onstage. I was thrilled when they called my name as the winner. You're The Best!

Kylie Boyd, Miss Texas Collegiate America 2016

Valerie Hayes is the ultimate pageant coach and is an expert on explaining current events. She helps you think through a topic and guides you to develop your own opinion. I wouldn't have won my title without Valerie's help!

Autumn Simunek, Miss South Dakota 2015

 Getting The Right Information is Essential

Some email news services don't include enough information to help you
fully understand the topic or help you guess which questions the judges might ask.

Other current events sources include too much information and it's
impossible to determine what information is directly related to the story.

With Current Events Cram Session
You Get The Perfect Balance


  • Easy to Understand Statistics

    You’ll sound more informed and can impress the judges by including statistics in your current events answer. You’ll receive quick reference statistics that directly relate to the topic, support your position and can easily be worked into you answer.

  • Challenging Practice Questions

    Guessing what questions your judges will ask about a topic can be tough. With tons of experience with judges I can usually predict what questions they’re going to ask about current events. No guessing here – you’ll be ready to answer their questions!

  • Quick Research & Information Links

    Sometimes a current events topic might directly relate to your career, personal experience or pageant platform. Use the quick research links at the end of each summary to get even more information to include in your answer.

With my schedule it's hard to keep track of current events. Valerie's current events summaries and practice questions make it easy to keep up and prepare for current events questions. Valerie's the best at current events!

Emmie Kivell, Miss Hialeah USA 2014

As a busy student and volunteer, I don't have time to research current events topics. Valerie makes it easy to know what's in the news and to prepare for questions the judges might ask. Valerie is the queen of current events!

Carly Kidner, American Quarter Horse Congress Queen 2014

Your Best Current Events Answer is Just One Click Away

Get Instant Access
  • Complete Topic Summaries
  • Key Word Definitions
  • Background Information
  • Statistics to Use in Your Answer
  • Quick Reference Links
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Take advantage of my Personal Guarantee! I want you to be 100% satisfied with Current Events Cram Session™, but if for some reason you aren't delighted I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let me know within 14 days of your purchase, I'll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any other product on my website. Please note that since Current Event Cram Session™" is an entirely digital product with instant access, refunds will not be granted.
But I'm happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • q-iconI signed up for an email news service but I'm still confused about current events. How is Current Events Cram Session different?

    Most email news services provide a brief, one paragraph summary of current events. Unfortunately, one paragraph is not enough to fully understand the topic. Plus, there’s no background information to include in your answer. With Current Events Cram Session you’ll receive a full summary including timelines, key word definitions and relevant statistics so that you can deliver a great answer.

  • q-iconI'm really behind on current events. How many current events topics will be included in my Cram Session?

    In today’s fast-paced news cycle, most top stories only last 24 to 72 hours. And most pageant judges can only remember the last four weeks worth of stories that they’ve seen or read about in the news. Your Current Events Cram Session will include the most impactful news stories from the last 8 weeks so that you’re prepared to discuss recent current events topics.

  • q-iconI don't have a strong opinion about most of the stories in the news. Do I need an opinion when answering current events questions?

    Unless you’re following current events 24/7 you probably don’t already have an opinion on many of the issues in the news. And that’s because it’s hard to develop an opinion without a complete understanding of the topic. Current Events Cram Session will give you the information you need to develop an opinion so that you can easily explain your opinion to the judges.

  • q-iconMy competition date is almost here and I need to get started right away. How will my Current Events Cram Session be delivered?

    Your Current Events Cram Session will be delivered to the email address you use at the time of purchase. You will receive an email with download links and passwords to each topic summary so that you have instant access to everything you need. Once you download and read each summary, print it out and keep a copy in your pageant notebook for a final review right before your interview.

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