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Current Events Questions Cause Worry and Stress

There's nothing worse than being asked a current events question and
feeling that moment of panic when you don't have a good answer.

Preparing for current events questions can be overwhelming and confusing.

Not only do you have to guess which topics to study, you have to
guess which questions the judges will ask.

And if you don't understand the background issues of a subject, it's almost
impossible to give a great answer.


Get The Information You Need
Without All The Work

What Titleholders Are Saying...

Suzie Gresham, Miss Southwest Arkansas 2017

"Thank you so much to Valerie Hayes for all her help preparing to answer tough current events questions. The judges asked questions that were all over the place and I felt totally prepared. Valerie is awesome and I can't thank her enough!

Suzie Gresham, Miss Southwest Arkansas 2017
Jireh Gerry, Miss Orlando's Outstanding Teen 2016

"Thank you Valerie for all your help understanding current events topics and preparing for current events questions. Everything went great during my interview and I won the Interview Award at Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen!

Jireh Gerry, Miss Orlando's Outstanding Teen 2016

Each Week You'll Receive:

Complete Topic Summary

  • Printable summary of a current events topic that pageant judges are asking questions about in the interview room or onstage.

  • In-depth explanation of the current situation as well as background information that you need to know.

  • Definition of key terms related to the topic so that you can sound like a subject matter expert.

National & International News Topics

  • Complete review of events in state, national and international news summarized in words you can understand.

  • Concise summaries that efficiently and effectively inform you without overwhelming you with extra information.

  • Analysis of cultural differences and legal systems that you need to understand to answer questions about international news stories.

Statistics to Include in Answers

  • Handpicked statistics that directly relate to the story and can be easily worked into your answers. Any answer sounds better when it includes a statistic.

  • Clarification of incomplete, incorrect or confusing information reported in the media.

  • Facts and figures that enhance the quality of your current events answer and make you sound like a current events expert.

Real Practice Questions

  • Practice questions that judges are currently asking or are most likely to ask about any current events topic.

  • Questions with slight word variations that make a difference in the meaning of the question and help you deliver a more accurate answer that exactly fits the question.

  • Quick links to news stories and resources to research the topic even further. An informed contestant is a prepared contestant.

Still Undecided?

This is Right for You If…

  • You are competing in a pageant where the personal and onstage interview will include current events questions.
  • You have a busy schedule and don't have time to spend hours researching current events topics.
  • You can't easily guess which questions judges will ask about a particular topic.

This is Not for You if…

  • You are absolutely certain that you won't be asked current events questions at any point during your competition.
  • You have a firm opinion that you can clearly discuss on a wide variety of current events topics.
  • You easily answer pageant interview questions on political or controversial topics.

More Titleholder Comments...

Helen Wisner, Miss Arkansas USA 2014

After winning interview twice at the state level, I thought I knew it all. However, Valerie proved me wrong and taught me communication techniques that enriched my interview tremendously. She is a wonderful interview coach!

Helen Wisner, Miss Arkansas USA 2014
Elissa McCracken, Miss Ohio 2012

Valerie did an amazing job coaching and preparing me for my state pageant. I went from being unsure and nervous about Interview to feeling totally confident and prepared. I send all my pageant friends to Valerie Hayes. She's the best!

Elissa McCracken, Miss Ohio 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q: How do I know if current events questions will be asked during my personal or onstage interview?

A: There are some pageants, such as Miss America or Miss USA, where you can be certain that you'll be asked current events questions. But many pageants do not state on their website or in the contestant packet if judges are allowed to ask current events questions. If you're unsure about your pageant, just send the pageant office an email asking if current events, political or controversial questions will be asked. Some pageants allow current events questions, but not political questions. Other pageants might allow political questions, but not controversial questions. Your weekly Current Events Update will give you the information you need to answer current events, political or controversial questions.

Q: I don't know what my opinion is for many of the stories in the news. How can I answer current events questions?

A: The #1 reason that contestants don't have a firm opinion on a topic is because they don't have a complete understanding of the issue including facts and background information. It's much easier to develop an opinion once you fully understand it. Current Events Update will give you all the information you need to think through the issue so you can clearly state and explain your opinion during your personal or onstage interview.

Q: Can't I just keep up with current events by watching the news or subscribing to an email news service?

A: Most contestants think that they can learn everything they need to know by watching broadcast news, surfing the Internet or signing up for an email newsletter. But if you're getting your news from just one or two sources, you're probably not getting the whole story. Current Events Update provides a completely neutral, unbiased summary of the topic so that you won't get tripped up in the interview if you only know part of the story. Plus, you get real practice questions so that you can practice actual answers you'll use during your interview.

Q: How will I receive my Current Events Update?

A: Current Events Update is a weekly update that will be delivered to the email address you use when you signup for your subscription. Each email will include a download link and password so that you have instant access to that week's update. Once you download and print your update, keep a copy of it in your pageant notebook so that you can quickly review relevant topics right before your interview.

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