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Learn the Secrets of a Winning Contestant Resume

Are you ready to impress the judges
BEFORE You Walk in the Interview Room?

Your contestant bio is your first opportunity to make a good impression on your judges.

Top contestants know that your contestant resume can make or break your pageant interview.

But creating a contestant bio that highlights
why YOU should be the next titleholder can be confusing.

You spend hours staring at a blank copy of the contestants resume, wondering what you should and should not include.

The pageant did not include a sample resume so you have no idea what your finished contestant bio should look like.

With your current pageant resume, the judges aren't asking you great questions during your pageant interview. And you can't give great answers if you don't get great questions.

Get Ready to Rock Your Contestant Bio

  • Develop a pageant resume that establishes you as a leading contestant for the crown.
  • Establish what makes you special and why you stand out in a crowd.
  • Avoid the most common pageant resume mistakes that cost you points in the interview room.
  • Create content that provides a solid foundation for a fabulous interview.

Here's What You'll Receive

Pageant Coaching Audio #1

  • Learn the dos and don'ts of creating a winning contestant bio.
  • Market yourself as the obvious choice for the title by strategically choosing information to feature on your contestant bio.
  • Set the tone and direction of your interview with your contestant bio.
  • Identify what makes you unique as a contestant so you can highlight those qualities during your interview.

Pageant Coaching Audio #2

  • Learn the secrets to completing the hobbies/talents section to get the best questions from the judges.
  • Avoid information and phrases that other contestants use that make you seem just like everyone else.
  • List your volunteerism to highlight your leadership skills even if you're not competing in a platform pageant.
  • Prioritize your academic and leadership awards and learn what to do if you don’t have a lot to list.

Rock Your Contestant Bio Checklist

  • Step-by-step tips to thoroughly proof your bio so you don't get low scores due to grammatical errors or typos.
  • Important advice and suggestions on how to make sure your pageant resume is not too short or too long.
  • Follow a proven process that prepares you to win.

What Titleholders Are Saying...

Madison Belcher, Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen 2016

After an 8 year absence from pageants, I was crowned in my first attempt at the state title.  I credit Valerie’s interview coaching for the Interview Award I won against strong competitors. I felt prepared to confidently handle both my personal and onstage interview questions. Thanks Valerie!

Madison Belcher, Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen 2016
Kendall Bautista, Miss Alaska USA 2016

I thought I knew how to complete a contestant profile, but Valerie’s advice really made a difference. I was asked better questions during my interview and able to give answers that showed why I’d be a good choice for the title. Thanks Valerie!

Kendall Bautista, Miss Alaska USA 2016
Jahnavi Muppaneni, Miss Teen Texas International 2014

I tried competing on my own, but I didn’t even place at my pageant. By working with Valerie she helped me create pageant paperwork that got me great questions from the judges during my interview. Valerie’s advice was critical to my winning the crown at my next pageant. She’s The Best!

Jahnavi Muppaneni, Miss Teen Texas International 2014

It's Your Turn to Rock Your Contestant Bio

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.My pageant bio is just a one-page form with lines for short answers. It looks super easy and just asks for basic information. Can't I just do it on my own?

    A.Working with a one-page, short answer form can be quite challenging. You must selectively and strategically choose the information and wording to make the most impact on the judges. Rock Your Contestant Bio will help you decide what information will get your points, and what won’t.

  • Q.My contestant resume has a large section for academic awards, but I home school and they don't give academic awards. What should I do?

    A.Home school and online school are a popular education choice for pageant contestants. It provides schedule flexibility, but doesn’t provide traditional academic awards. Rock Your Contestant Bio will walk you through the process of highlighting scholastic achievements even if you don’t have a lot of awards.

  • Q.I'm crossing from one pageant system to another. Can I just transfer the information from my old pageant resume to my new one?

    A.Each pageant has it’s own mission, values, and brand. And with that brand comes a preferred contestant profile. Rock Your Contestant Bio will help you evaluate the pageant brand and preferred contestant profile so that you can decide what information transfers over and what doesn’t.

  • Q.I'm confused by all my pageant paperwork. I received a lot of forms from the director. Which form is my contestant bio?

    A.Different pageants refer to the contestant bio by different names. It might be called your contestant profile, judges form, contestant resume or official application. Look over your contestant information and identify the form that the judges will have during your personal interview – that’s your contestant bio.

  • Q.When I compete the judges never ask me questions about my platform or personal achievements. What can I do?

    A.It’s frustrating when you’re prepared to tell the judges about all the wonderful things you do, but they don’t ask you the right questions to share that information. Rock Your Contestant Bio will teach you how to “seed” your interview so that the information you include “blossoms” into the questions you want to be asked.

  • Q.I've heard that pageants are won in the interview room. How does my contestant bio contribute towards winning the title?

    A.Not only is your contestant bio the first in-depth impression the judges have of you, it’s also your #1 tool to establish why you’d be a great choice for the crown. Rock Your Contestant Bio will teach you the 2 things your contestant bio must do and walk you through the steps necessary to achieve those 2 goals.

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