Everyone Knows That
Pageants Are Won In The Interview Room

Your personal interview is your best opportunity to impress the judges
and help them visualize YOU as the next titleholder.

But pageant interviews are stressful and you're always
worried that you'll say the wrong thing.

You worry that you'll be asked a question you don't have an answer for.

You worry that you'll offend the judges with your answer to a political or controversial question.

You want to feel poised, confident and ready to answer any interview question.

Finally There's A Proven System To
Improve Your Pageant Interview Skills

Master the Pageant Interview is the
#1 DIY Coaching Program to Improve Your Interview Scores

You'll learn the exact same techniques that I teach my
VIP Private Coaching contestants to get top interview scores.

You'll discover:

  • The 3 Most Common Interview Mistakes

    Pageants have become so competitive that if you make even a small interview mistake it can impact your scores. Learn the 3 most common interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • The 3 Things You Absolutely Must Do

    There are 3 things you must accomplish during your personal interview to connect with the judges and get top interview scores. If you don’t hit these 3 targets your scores will fall flat.

  • How to Create a Winning Contestant Bio

    Creating a contestant bio takes more than just filling in blank lines on a form. You’ll learn how to use your bio to establish yourself as a leading contestant before you walk in the room.

Daphne Lee, Miss Black USA 2017

Thank you Valerie for providing the tips that helped me win the Miss Black USA title. I used your ‘DIY” tips in all areas of competition to help me stand out, be clear, and be confident onstage. Special thanks for your DIY coaching products!

Daphne Lee, Miss Black USA 2017
Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015

Thank you Valerie Hayes for helping me look at the answers from the judges perspective instead of my own. I also appreciated your coaching on how to word answers to difficult or controversial questions. You’re The Best!

Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015

You'll receive:

3 Pageant Coaching Audio Files

Easily learn new pageant interview skills while listening to three 45 minute coaching audio files. Listen at home, in the car, or while you’re working out. Learning new skills couldn’t be easier!

3 Quick Reference Transcripts

Use Quick Reference Transcripts to check a particular topic or brush up on a specific skill. This is super helpful during final pageant when you need to use you time effectively.

 You Really CAN Learn to Answer Any Question

There are two factors that impact your interview score:
answer content and answer delivery.

I've Got You Covered On Both

You'll learn:


  • The Key Steps to Creating Answer Content

    No matter how much you prepare, you will be asked a question you haven’t practiced. You’ll learn to develop answer content, instead of relying on memorized answers, so you can create answers on the spot.

  • The Real Secret to Controlling the Interview

    Your ability to control the interview starts with your pageant paperwork. I’ll teach you how to use your paperwork to get the judges to ask you questions that highlight why you should be the next titleholder.

  • The Correct Answer Length

    If your answers are too short, the judges will think you’re nervous or shy. If your answers are too long, you’ll lose points for rambling. Learn to determine the best length for an answer based on the format of the interview.

  • The Correct Format for Answer

    The best interview answers have a logical flow that explains your perspective and is easy to follow. If you jump from point to point, you’ll lose the judges. Learn the easy way to format an answer and impress the judges.

  • Stretch Your Answer

    Delivering an answer that’s too short is a sure fire way to get disappointing interview scores. You’ll learn my 2 simple tips for stretching an answer to any type of question so that the judges give you full credit.

  • Onstage Interview Success Tip

    There’s nothing more terrifying than your Onstage Interview. It’s hard to focus and you worry that you won’t have an answer for the question. You’ll learn the #1 tip for easily answering your onstage question.

Loren McDaniel, Miss Arkansas 2015

Valerie surprised me with her insight into how judges score contestants. Her approach is completely different from memorizing answers. With her coaching I was able to win my state title and make Top 15 at Miss America. She’s amazing!

Loren McDaniel, Miss Arkansas 2015
Rosie Westerbeck, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2014

Valerie Hayes has a complete understanding of why judges ask questions and how they’ll score your answer. I was amazed at how quickly my interview improved using her techniques. If you want top scores, Valerie’s advice will get you there.

Rosie Westerbeck, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2014

Make Your Next Interview Your Best Interview

Take advantage of my Personal Guarantee! I want you to be 100% satisfied with Master the Pageant Interview™, but if for some reason you aren't delighted I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let me know within 14 days of your purchase, I'll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any other product on my website. Please note that since Master the Pageant Interview™ is an entirely digital product with instant access, refunds will not be granted.
But I'm happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.I've practiced and practiced with a list of pageant questions and I'm not getting better. How is this different?

    A.Practicing with a list of questions is great, but it doesn’t help you learn how to develop answer content. Master the Pageant Interview teaches you the same speaking techniques that professional speakers, brand ambassadors, and press secretaries use to generate answers to questions on the spot.

  • Q.I'm a first-time contestant and I'm nervous about my interview. Is this right for me?

    A.Master the Pageant Interview was created to help beginning, intermediate and advanced contestants. It teaches you all the foundational skills for your interview and then introduces you to intermediate and advanced skills. It’s the perfect DIY resource for both beginning and experienced contestants.

  • Q.Can I use this to practice with my mom, pageant coach, or director?

    A.Master the Pageant Interview was created for contestants to improve their pageant interview skills on their own. It’s full of tips and techniques that are protected by copyright. Feel free to use it with a member of your immediate family, but using it with a pageant coach or pageant director would be a copyright violation.

  • Q.I want to start improving my interview today. How will my Master the Pageant Interview be delivered?

    A.Your Master the Pageant Interview will be sent to the email address you used at the time of purchase. You’ll receive an email with a link so that you can download the 3 audio files and the 3 transcripts. You’ll receive instant access to everything so that you can get started right away!

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