Dump Your Pageant

Sometimes contestants compete over and over in pageants that are poorly run and shouldn’t be in business. So, why do contestants continue to enter pageants that they shouldn’t?  Continuing to compete in a bad pageant is like continuing to stay in a bad relationship: you hope that the pageant (the other person) will change and will be better next time.

You need to be assertive for yourself in a personal relationship. But did you realize that you also need to be assertive for yourself as a contestant and customer? Yes, you are the customer!  Contestants often spend more time thinking through a $200 wardrobe purchase than they take to carefully analyze and select a pageant.  Here’s how you know when it’s time to dump your pageant:

1. The Pageant Director/Staff Does Not Respond to Emails. Okay, let’s remember here that you’ve paid an entry fee, probably purchased an ad page, as well as bought tickets for all your family and friends to attend the pageant. That makes you the customer. Would you do business with a doctor, lawyer, or plumber that didn’t return your calls or emails? No, of course you wouldn’t! When a business doesn’t return your calls/emails, they are sending the message that they aren’t interested in making sure you have a good experience – they’re only interested in your money.

If you send an email to the pageant, you should receive a response within one to two business days. If your calls and emails aren’t responded to promptly, it’s time to dump your pageant!

2. The Pageant Staff Are Not Nice. I’m going to remind you one more time that you’ve paid hard-earned money to enter the pageant. You’re the reason the staff is there at the pageant. Once you arrive, pageant staff should treat you with the courtesy and respect that a valued customer deserves. The pageant staff should not act like you’re stupid and berate you during rehearsals or events. And you should never, ever be yelled at by the pageant choreographer, no matter how bad your dancing is.

Pageant staff should be supportive of the fact that you’re getting ready to compete and need to maintain a positive mindset. Of course, you should do your part to be on time, pay attention, and treat the pageant staff with respect. And the pageant staff should be supportive and respectful in return. If the pageant does not treat you with respect during every aspect of the pageant competition, it’s time to dump your pageant!

3. Scores Are Late.  One of the factors you probably considered before you sent in your entry fee was whether or not the pageant provides scores after the competition. Pageants that advertise that they provide contestant scores should send those scores within 30 days of the competition. There’s no reason why it should take longer for the pageant to organize the information and send it to you. After all, the scores have already been tabulated so why the delay?

I understand that the staff is exhausted following the pageant. But if the pageant promised to send scores, 30 days is plenty of time to get those scores out. If you can’t get your scores on time, it’s time to dump your pageant!

So, next time you get ready to compete, remember that you’re the customer. Every member of the pageant staff should treat you like a valued customer. After all, if contestants don’t come back, they won’t have a pageant. Look for pageants that treat you with respect and appreciate your business. Those are that pageants that deserve Wonderful You as their Next Titleholder!