Which pageants do you coach for?

It would be almost impossible for me to list all of the pageants that I coach for because there are so many different systems. I work with contestants competing in everything from local pageants up to pageants you see on TV.  Here's a list of the most commonly known pageants for which I've coached winning contestants:

  • International Junior Miss
  • Miss America
  • Miss American Coed
  • Miss America's Outstanding Teen
  • Miss Collegiate America
  • Miss High School America
  • Miss International
  • Miss Teen International
  • Miss Teen USA
  • Miss United States of America
  • Miss USA
  • Mrs. America
  • Mrs. International
  • Mrs. United States
  • Ms. United States of America
  • National American Miss


Can you help me pick a pageant to compete in?

Absolutely! I'm very familiar with a variety of pageant systems and I can work with you to decide which pageant is best based on your personal strengths.  Selecting the right pageant is an important first step towards pageant success.

Can you help me with my pageant paperwork?

Yes, I have extensive experience in pageant paperwork preparation.  I'm familiar with the paperwork required and know what your paperwork needs to look like at the local, state and national levels.  Making sure you've got great paperwork is absolutely necessary for you to get great questions during your interview.  And if you don't get great questions, you can't give great answers.

Can you help me develop a platform?

Developing your pageant platform is one of the most important things you can do as a contestant to set yourself apart from the competition.  I have extensive experience creating successful pageant platforms as well as developing appearance strategies to compliment your platform.  I'll make sure that your platform is personal, marketable and that it will generate great content for questions and answers during your pageant interview.

Can you help me pick a pageant evening gown?

Yes, as a pageant coach I look at pageant gowns for contestants every single day.  I understand the preferred "look" for the different pageant systems and am able to discuss how to create a look that will be unique to you, but within the preferred style of the pageant.  I'm able to discuss selecting a style and color that will highlight your natural beauty as well as suggest options that will work within your budget.

Do you do hair and makeup at the pageant?

While I don't do pageant hair or makeup at pageants, I'm able to provide you with advice on learning hair and makeup skills. I can also refer you to a qualified pageant hair/makeup artist in your area.  During coaching sessions, I often look at current photos, or photos of previous competitions, to recommend changes that need to be made to your pageant hairstyle or pageant makeup.

Do you coach children?

I work with contestants ages 10 and up.  If you're looking for a pageant coach for a contestant under the age of 10, you may want to contact your pageant office and ask for a referral.  I'm sure they'll be happy to provide you with a list of qualified coaches.

Do you just coach pageant interview?

I am a full service pageant coach and provide coaching in all aspects of pageant competition including: Pageant Gown Selection, Competition Wardrobe & Image Consultation, Onstage Modeling Analysis, Talent Analysis, Paperwork Preparation, Platform Development, Current Events Tutoring, and Competition Mindset Coaching.

Can you help me learn to answer pageant interview questions?

My coaching philosophy is based on the belief that answering pageant questions isn't about memorizing a set of questions and answers. In order to answer pageant interview questions with ease, you should learn content development skills and public speaking skills.  After all, you don't want to sound like everyone else, do you?  I'll help you learn how to answer pageant questions by teaching you how to develop content that is unique and highlights your ability to be the titleholder. And then I'll teach you how to deliver your answers with poise and confidence.

How does Skype coaching work?

My Skype pageant coaching sessions have become so popular that even my contestants who live nearby use Skype coaching - it saves on travel time to and from appointments.  During Skype appointments I can review your at wardrobe options, analyze your modeling skills and teach you how to answer pageant interview questions.  Because I can see you and you can see me, Skype coaching can be as effective as in-person coaching.  Through Skype I can see your facial expressions, body language, and everything else I need to see and hear to successfully coach you.  I have many, many winners (some of whom you've seen on TV) that I've coached through Skype and they've never had to travel to Houston for an in-person appointment.

How much does coaching cost?

There are several cost-effective pageant coaching options here on my website.  Whether you just want to work on your own with my DIY Training Tools, want to create a prep plan by combining DIY tools and a coaching package, or if you want me to guide you through every aspect of your pageant prep with VIP Coaching, there really is an option for every contestant.

How do I know which pageant coaching program is right for me?

Selecting a program that's right for you is primarily based on two factors: 1) your current skill level; 2) the level of the pageant in which you're competing.  What do I mean by that?  Typically you would need less coaching for a local festival pageant than you would for a national, televised pageant.  Check out my DIY Training Tools or VIP Coaching options and if you have any questions about which program is right for you, or feel you need a Custom Coaching package, send me a message through my Contact page.

How do I start working with you?

It's super easy to get started!  Once you've registered for the coaching program that's a fit for you, you'll receive an email with a link to my online calendar.  My calendar is often booked several weeks in advance so you'll want to schedule early to get your preferred dates and times.  Please note that during busy pageant competitions seasons I'm often completely booked 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

What information, photos and paperwork should I send prior to my coaching appointments?

If you're a beginner, please send me any information you have received about your pageant.  If you've competed before, please feel free to send copies of previous pageant paperwork, photos of your pageant wardrobe, photos of you at previous competitions, videos of your talent presentation or any videos you have of you during portions of your onstage competition (personal introduction, onstage modeling, onstage question).  This information enables me to quickly identify your competitions strengths as well as the areas we'll want to work on for your next competition.  Your welcome email will give you information on how to submit your photos and paperwork.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me through my Contact page.

I'm looking forward to helping you achieve your full pageant potential!