Girl Thinking How Would You Describe Yourself

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Don’t you hate it when you get a question that sounds like it should be easy to answer, but it’s not?  “How would you describe yourself,” is one of those questions. Do they want you to describe your personality? Are they asking you to talk about what you do? It’s such a general question that you have no idea where to go with it. And when you’re not sure where to go with an answer, you’re answer will probably be a big fat dud.

The key to answering this question is to link your answer to the type of pageant you’re competing in. Different pageants look for different qualities and experiences in a titleholder. So, when judges ask this question they’re looking for an answer that fits the pageant.

There are four types of answers you could give here, so let’s take a look at each one so you can decide which one is perfect for Adorable You.

List of Qualities

This answer is a great choice for a “personality” pageant. This is a pageant that says they’re looking for an “it” girl. The titleholder makes lots of appearances at fun events, does some community service but not a lot, and doesn’t seem to make any speaking appearances.

In this type of answer, you’re going to list the qualities you possess that make you interesting and fun. You might go with an answer like this:

“I’m energetic, friendly, and have a positive attitude. I love meeting people and making new friends.”

The goal of this answer is to seem like you’re the type of person who everyone enjoys being around.

One Quality & List of Activities

This can be a good choice for almost any pageant. You begin by naming a quality and then listing some of the activities you’re involved with that relate to the quality. Your answer might go like this:

“I’m really creative and enjoy all types of art and music. I do charcoal sketches, watercolor painting, and play three instruments. I love learning new ways to be creative and have recently taken up landscape photography.”

Here’s another option:

“I’m really athletic and like to be active every day. I play soccer, basketball, softball and have recently taken up field hockey. I like challenging myself to learn new sports and enjoy being part of a team.”

This option is a great choice if you find it easier to talk about your activities than your personal qualities. If you’re not sure what kind of pageant you’re competing in, this is a great go-to “describe yourself” answer for any pageant.

One Quality & List of Accomplishments

This type of answer works well if the pageant is focused on academic achievement, community service/personal platform, or leadership. You’re going to list a quality plus any awards, achievements, or accomplishments that seem to be in line with the mission and values of the pageant. Here’s an example:

“I’m a hard worker, and in this past year, I served as the President of my sorority, completed two finance internships, and led a program teaching early literacy skills to at-risk youth. And, I’ve received the Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award for the last three years.

One Quality & Your Aspirations

This type of answer is a good choice for a pageant that includes a college scholarship as part of the prize package. You want to emphasize your academic and career goals and indicate how you plan to achieve those goals. You could go with an answer like this:

“I really love children, and after high school, I plan to attend State University to get a Bachelor’s degree in biology and then attend State Medical School and pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon.”

If you’re only entering one type of pageant, then you only need to be prepared with one of these options. But, if you like to pageant hop and compete in pageant’s with different missions and goals, you may want to have at least two different answers ready.

By thinking through which answer works best for you and the pageant you’re competing in, you’re sure to deliver a solid answer that will impress the judges and get you a top score.

You’re going to be fabulous!