Shirts folded in a drawer - KonMari Your Pageant Prep

KonMari Your Pageant Prep to Win

When you’re prepping for a pageant, you’re juggling a lot of things. You’re going to school (or working), keeping up on current events, working out every day, and practicing your talent. It feels overwhelming, and you’re not sure you’re making any progress.

What if there was a better way? A simpler way? Well, look no further than your favorite Tidying Up with Marie Kondo episode on Netflix. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and your pageant skills aren’t improving it’s time to KonMari Your Pageant Prep.

Look at the Big Picture

At the beginning of each Tidying Up episode, Marie Kondo has the person bring out all their clothes and pile them on the bed. It’s a great way to see the big picture.

You may be so wrapped up in all the things you’re doing that you’ve lost sight of the big picture. I’m assuming the big picture includes you in a crown and sash. Reconnect and recommit to that goal. Don’t lose sight of it for a moment.

Identify The Purpose

Now that the person has tossed out hundreds of trash bags with all their stuff, Marie asks them how they want each room to function. She explains that a bathroom should be a place for relaxation, not an annex to a closet. She takes the time to think through the purpose of each room.

So, write down all the things you’re currently doing for your pageant prep. Then ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of this? Will it improve my final score?” Are you competing in a platform pageant where 40% of your total score is based on your interview? Then, interview practice has an obvious purpose. Are you competing in a pageant where you’ll be asked to recite the accomplishments of all the other contestants and discuss their latest social media post? No? Then, stalking your competition online has no purpose. You’ll probably be surprised by all the things you’re doing that don’t have a purpose.

Get Some Boxes

Now that Marie has helped the person get rid of everything, she comes in with a bunch of adorable boxes. She shows the person how to use the boxes, explaining that without putting things in containers they’ll still have clutter; they’ll never make any progress.

So, you need to get some boxes. But your boxes are going to look like a detailed plan for your pageant prep. You should know exactly what days you’re doing cardio, and what days you’re doing weight training. You’ve got a place for everything, and everything’s in its place. Creating a detailed plan may feel as boring and unnecessary as perfectly folding every t-shirt you own and putting it in a box. But just like those boxes in the closet, a detailed plan is necessary to achieve your goal.

Work Your Plan

The episode is almost over, and Marie is showing the person around their newly organized home and emphasizing the importance of sticking to the KonMari principles. Don’t let clutter back in, keep everything in its place, and spark joy in every area of the house. Just work the plan.

Now that you’re focused on the big picture, identified what you should be doing and when to do it, it’s time to work your plan. No excuses. Just like a well-organized closet doesn’t happen if you don’t fold all those t-shirts, you won’t win if you don’t do the work. You can want to win. You can hope to win. But, you won’t win if you don’t do all the boring, folding-your-t-shirts-when-you-don’t-want-to things necessary to win. And winning definitely sparks joy.

So, when you feel overwhelmed and aren’t making progress in developing your pageant skills, take a night off and binge on a few episodes of Tidying Up. You’ll see that it’s not hard to organize a house. Most people have cluttered homes because they’re not willing to do the work. Many contestants aren’t willing to do the work either. That’s okay. That’s not you.

So, KonMari yourself all the way to the crown. And then go home and put your new crown and sash in one of those cute boxes.