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Hi, I'm Valerie

For 18 years as a human resources professional working for Fortune 500 companies, I was balancing being a career woman, wife, mother, and community volunteer. I had a lot on my plate and often felt so stressed out that I never really enjoyed anything.

Then I decided I'd find more balance by running my own interview coaching business. But, the insecurity of starting a new business combined with all the things I needed to learn to run a successful business left me more stressed out that before! I had wanted to spend more time with my kids but that wasn't happening.

So, I created my very own Life Success Hacks and lived by them everyday. Almost immediately I was more relaxed, had more flexibility in my schedule, and could spend more time with my children. I was finally living the life I'd dreamed of.

Whether you're just looking for a friendly advice, a little encouragement or need realistic, practical advice on your job search, you can follow me on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. My goal is to help you find success and help you create a life you love.

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