Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach had a solid pageant prep plan.
Every winning contestant knows that the road to the crown starts with a solid pageant prep plan.

Let’s be honest: sometimes competing in a pageant is both thrilling and frustrating.  Before the pageant, you’re excited about winning, and then after the pageant you often disappointed with your placement and scores.  If your scores aren’t reflecting your potential, you may be skipping one these important steps when preparing for your pageant:

1. Start Your Pageant Prep Early.  One of the most common mistakes that both beginner and experienced contestants make is not starting their pageant prep early enough.  In order to be competitive at a local or state level, you need to allow a minimum of 16 weeks of pageant prep.  If you’re competing at the national or international level you need to allow 20 to 24 solid prep weeks.  That gives you plenty of time to work on your platform, fitness level, and practice answering pageant interview questions.  So, get out your calendar and count backwards from your competition date to determine the perfect date to get started!

2. Research the Pageant More.  The very first thing you should do after entering a pageant is to get a DVD/Video of last year’s competition.  Review the video several times and analyze which skills seem to be rewarded with a Top 10 or Top 5 placement.  Then make a visit to the pageant website and make sure you’ve read the information on every page.  Read the bios of previous winners and look at photos of last year’s competition.  As an experienced pageant coach, I can tell you with a little research you can develop a winning strategic training plan!

3. Develop a Strategic Prep Plan.  Every single contestant I know has several areas that are strengths and one or two areas that are “flat spots”.  It’s tempting to just spend time doing the things you already do well – but to reach your potential you’ve must work on your weaknesses.  I encourage my VIP Private Coaching students to spend twice as much time working on their areas for improvement.  Look at your weekly calendar and make sure you’re not spending most of your time doing the fun stuff.  You should be spending twice the amount of time dealing with the tough stuff: working on your fitness level, practicing your pageant interview questions, or scheduling appearances.  By approaching your prep in a strategic fashion you’ll start seeing the pageant scores you deserve!

4. Get Yourself Some Study-At-Home Materials.  Only a few contestants have unlimited budgets where they can get all the appointments they want with a pageant coach.  Most contestants are on some type of budget where they’re juggling the need to improve pageant skills with the reality of daily finances.  The key to improving your scores is to practice at home so that your pageant skills become second nature.  If you were learning how to sing or dance you wouldn’t just work on your skills at your weekly lesson would you?  No, you’d practice at home at least two to three times per week.  So get yourself some good study-at-home materials and pencil in some practice time on your calendar!

You’re going to be FABulous!



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