Change the World

One of the most popular pageant questions is “If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be and why?” Even though it’s a fairly common pageant interview question, it can often cause contestants to draw a blank and panic. Sometimes it’s tough to decide how you would change the world in the middle of your interview. So, if you haven’t nailed down your content for this standard pageant question here are some options for you to consider:

1. Educational Equity for Women. While educating young girls is common in many countries, some cultures actively discourage the education of women. As a result of a lack of education, women often lead a lifetime of poverty. Here’s a little background if you decide to go with this answer:

2. End Worldwide Hunger. Food insecurity is an issue that impacts every country around the world. By 2050, the demand for food will have grown by 60%, and we will need to feed 9 billion people. Consequently, the United Nations has set ending hunger as a top goal. While food insecurity leads to hunger and malnutrition, it can also contribute to crime and political instability. This topic is another great answer for your pageant interview question and here are resources to get you started:

3. International Peace and Security. While this might sound like the “world peace” answer from Miss Congeniality, this answer has a bit more content. Peace and security may refer to nationalistic tendencies, such as North Korea’s comply with United Nations sanctions. It can also refer to terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Taliban. Because this is such a concern, it would be many contestants #1 choice to change the world. If you want to go with this answer, here are some articles for to check out:

4. Strengthen Global Health. Global health can include access to basic level healthcare as well as wellness checkups, including immunizations. Additionally, it can include more complex issues such as growing resistance to antibiotics and the obesity epidemic. If your personal platform is health-related, you could go with this option and include your platform in your answer. Here are some great reads for a little background on this topic:

Now you’re prepared to tell the judges how you would change the world. As a result of preparing for this question in advance, you’ll easily get a top score for your answer!

What’s your favorite answer for this question?