Mrs West Virginia International wins with pageant videosAmanda Duffy, Mrs. West Virginina International 2016, uses her pageant videos to analyze her performance and improve her skills. It’s her secret to winning 6 titles!

Pageant videos are a valuable tool for identifying what you’re doing fabulously well and what areas need a little improvement.  Today’s article assumes that you’ve competed before and that you’re watching a video of your own competition.  However, if you’re preparing for your first pageant, just order the DVD/video from last year’s competition of the pageant you are entering.  Here are some helpful hints for evaluating your competition and developing an action plan to improve your next pageant performance.

1. Observe all the contestants. The first time you watch your clips you are naturally going to be focused on your own performance.  That’s perfectly okay – go ahead and watch just yourself.  Then, make sure you watch a second or third time and analyze all the contestants.  Notice what they do well and learn from their mistakes.  Perhaps their competition wardrobe didn’t look good under the lights or their modeling skills weren’t up to par.  Maybe you really like the way one of the contestants established eye contact with the judges.  Or, pretend you’re a judge and ask yourself what each contestant did well and where they could improve.  Finally, identify how you can adapt those lessons to your own pageant performance.

2. Focus on the Semi-Finalists. What you’re looking for here are the success factors that really made these contestants stand out.  Do they all seem to have killer swimsuit figures?  Maybe they all had great modeling skills.  Perhaps they had well-coordinated hair and makeup.  Look at these contestants with a discerning eye and identify what made them stand out as compared to the contestants who did not advance as a Semi-Finalist.  This is not about whether or not you like what the contestant did, it’s about identifying what the judges seemed to like.  Once you’ve identified success patterns, you can incorporate that information into your pageant preparation.

3. Watch yourself honestly and objectively.  Many contestants have difficulty seeing their performance objectively and either focus only on the negative or think their performance was absolutely perfect.  If you’re having a hard time looking at your performance objectively, ask a friend or family member to watch with you and make helpful comments.  Write down areas where you could boost your scores and develop an appropriate action plan. Being honest and objective with yourself is key to developing your skills.

4. Observe how your competition wardrobe fits and moves on-stage. Sometimes your outfit looks absolutely stunning when you’re standing still, but doesn’t move well on-stage.  Often bold patterns or striking colors just don’t look as good on-stage as they do in the fitting room.  Also, make sure your competition wardrobe fits well and that there are no unfortunate gaps showing a little too much skin.  Conversely, make certain it’s not too tight with puckers and pull lines in areas it should lie flat. So, watch the fit and glow of your competition wardrobe and make sure it’s really as FABulous as you are!

Check back soon for part 2 of Pageant Videos Hold the Key.