Your personality can make or break your interview

People often have an idea in their head of the ‘typical’ personality of a titleholder. She’s outgoing, enjoys making appearances and is a friend to everyone she meets. While this is a common stereotype, it doesn’t reflect the diverse personalities of today’s contestant. The trick isn’t to change your personality to a silly stereotype. The trick is to know how your personality can make or break your pageant interview.

Most people think that extroverts have a natural advantage during their personal interview. But my grandmother always told me, “any strength to excess becomes a weakness.” So, if you’re an extrovert, you’ll want to avoid the two most common mistakes made by extroverted contestants.

Extrovert Mistake #1: The most common mistake made by extrovert contestants is to include every single thing they can think of in one answer. For example, if a judge asks what inspired your platform, they just want to know what inspired your platform. They do not want to know your platform goals, the appearances you’ve made and how you will promote your platform. If you include everything, you have to say about the topic in one answer you won’t have any interesting content leftover. And the judges will think you’re that contestant who just talks and talks, without knowing when to stop. So, stick to the question and resist the temptation to answer with everything you know on that topic.

Extrovert Mistake #2: Often extroverted contestants are excited about their interview because they love people and love talking. And when you’re excited that ole’ adrenaline starts pumping. It’s easy for an extrovert to get hyped up and come across as ‘too strong’ in the interview room. Their energy is practically bouncing off the walls, and their speaking volume is too loud. If you’ve received judges’ feedback that you were over-rehearsed, you were probably making this mistake. Before you go into the interview room, make sure you feel calm and relaxed. Watch your pace and volume for the first one or two questions, and then maintain that energy level throughout your pageant interview.

Don’t shy away from pageant competition if you’re an introverted contestant. Here are two tips that can make or break your pageant interview if you’re an introvert.

Introvert Mistake #1: The most common mistake introverted contestants make is giving an answer that is too short. Often introvert contestants will answer in 1 or 2 sentences. They feel they’ve answered the question, so 1 or 2 sentences are okay. Answering the question is just one facet of a great answer. The answer should also highlight your personality so the judges feel as if they know you. If you answer in only 1 or 2 sentences, the judges will feel that you came up short. You may have answered the question, but there wasn’t enough content to let your personality shine. Unless you’re competing in a pageant with a 60-second interview, you should always answer in a minimum of 3 sentences. And depending on your pageant, you may need to answer in 4 to 6 sentences. So, if you’re an introvert practice answering with a minimum of 3 sentences.

Introvert Mistake #2: Well, how should I say this…sometimes introverted contestant answers feel a little flat. What do I mean by flat? The content and delivery of the answer and are just a tiny bit boring. To get a great pageant interview score, your answers must be interesting and slightly entertaining. Entertaining? That’s doesn’t mean that each answer should be funny. It means that each answer should have enough detailed content to be interesting to the judges. And your delivery must be engaging. Even if you’re miserable during your interview, you can’t look or sound miserable. You must look like you’re enjoying your pageant interview to get top scores.

There a lot of other tips and tricks to getting top scores, but this is where you should begin. Know who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to market yourself as the best choice for the title. I’ve had just as many introverted contestants win as extroverted contestants. You just have to know yourself, develop your skills and then work your plan in the interview room. You can use your natural personality to make or break your pageant interview!

You’re going to be FABulous!