Miss USA is Crowned - The 3 R's of Winning a Pageant

The 3 R’s of Winning a Pageant

I bet you know the 3 R’s of education: reading, writing, arithmetic. But did you know there are also 3 R’s for winning a pageant? Every contestant who wins a title relies on the three R’s to along the road to the title. And you can too. So, follow the Three R’s of Winning a Pageant to make your pageant dreams come true.

1. Resourceful

In a perfect world, you would have everything you need for your pageant. You’d have a beautiful custom gown and a personal makeup artist that only does you at the competition.

But that’s not reality, is it? You probably have a budget that you’re working with, and it rarely covers everything you want.

Winning on a budget requires a healthy dose of resourcefulness. It’s important to use your critical thinking skills to prioritize what you need for your pageant. Then once you’ve prioritized everything, identify the areas where it makes sense to splurge and where you can go with a DIY approach.

Now that you have a list of DIY projects, it’s time to get resourceful. If you’re trying to create a winning wardrobe on a budget do a Facebook or Internet search on resale pageant gowns.

To develop modeling skills watch pageant or YouTube videos, practice, and then have someone video you so you can critique yourself.

For interview, take advantage of all the resources you can access for free online. I often get emails from contestants telling me all they did was read my blog, follow my advice, and they won their title. Why? Because the topics and questions I cover in my blog come from real-life contestants. I’m not just making stuff up. I’m responding to real issues that real contestants experience every day.

In the end, resourcefulness is all about creative problem-solving. You’ve got a limited amount of resources, and you have to figure out how best to use them.

2. Routines

Every contestant who’s ever won a title has routines in place. You might have a routine where you alternate yoga and running. Or you might have twice-a-week appointments to practice your interview. Routines are essential for success. If there’s one thing that separates contestants who consistently place or win from contestants who don’t, it’s routines.

So how should you create routines? Take your pageant goals and make a list of actions that you need to take to achieve those goals. Want to win fitness? Make a goal to workout 6 days a week and establish a routine of going to the gym and working out at home. Want to improve your interview? Establish a routine of watching the news at least 30 minutes a day and schedule interview coaching sessions once or twice a week.

Every successful athlete will tell you that routines create success. And while pageants may be a different type of competition, the success rules are the same. If you create routines, you’re more likely to follow through and do the necessary prep. If you do the necessary prep, you’re more likely to win. And isn’t that why you’re competing?

3. Responsibility

You are the person who’s most in charge of your success. Sure, I know you’re getting advice from family, friends and pageant professionals, but you’re the one who decides whether or not to take action on that advice. If you’re working out 6 days a week but not following the meal plan your personal trainer provided, your trainer’s not at fault. If you ignore expert advice and purchase a gown that you “fell in love with” instead of a gown that will score well, it’s not the designer’s fault you didn’t score.

Responsibility is an easy concept but can be difficult to put into practice. It’s much easier to blame someone else – your mom, the judges, your coach – when you don’t achieve your goals. But you will never improve if you don’t take full responsibility for what you did and didn’t do.

So, after you sign up for your next pageant, stop and think through your strategy. Ask yourself how you can utilize all the available resources, create routines that build skills, and accept responsibility for your progress and ultimate success. I know you can do it. Why? Because if you couldn’t, you would have stopped reading this article after the first paragraph. But you kept on reading, which means you’ve got the emotional courage to compete and win.

I believe in you!