Pageant contestants in evening gowns. Top 4 Pageant Evening Gown Mistakes

Top 4 Pageant Evening Gown Mistakes

The moment is golden. You twirl and pose while everyone in the store oohs and aahs. Everything seems to sparkle and you can almost see yourself accepting the Evening Gown Award. You scoop up your dream gown and count the days until your moment in the spotlight.

But then, at the pageant, it doesn’t turn out as you expected it to. Your name isn’t called for the Top 5 and you’re left clapping in the background when the winner is crowned. Weeks later, you get your scores and your lowest scores were in Evening Gown. Your heart sinks. The judges hated your gown. It might be because you made one of the Top 4 Pageant Evening Gown Mistakes.

1. It’s Not Anyone’s Color

There are some colors in the rainbow that just don’t score. And no, I’m not talking about whether or not the color looks good on you. In color psychology testing when people are shown different colors, they experience a predictable emotional response to each color. Because of these studies, we have a pretty good idea of which colors are a winning choice and which ones are more of a risk.

Blue is the #1 color preferred by both men and women and has held the #1 spot since color testing first began.

Then, the colors split for men and women. Men rank green at #2 and purple at #3. But women prefer purple at #2 and green at #3. Total flip-flop.

Pink shows up in the #4 spot for women and #7 for men.

Red is a love-it or hate-it color. This means that 50% of men and women love red and 50% of men and women hate it.

Yellow comes in second to last for both men and women

And orange comes in dead last, making it the least-liked color for men and women.

So, next time you’re dreaming of the perfect evening gown remember to factor in color psychology and the possibility that a risky color could bring down your scores based on whether or not that color appeals to your judges.

2. Extra Fabric Where It Doesn’t Belong

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to fabric. Who doesn’t love flounces, ruffles, and gathers? But every extra bit of fabric adds visual weight to where that fabric is located on your body. No matter what your size or how tall/short you are, think of extra fabric as a giant finger pointing to that part of your body. If you want the judges to look at that part of your body, great. If not, you may wish to look for something without fabric where it doesn’t belong.

3. Distracting Print or Design Lines

A beautiful face is like a work of art. The more time the judges spending gazing at you and thinking how beautiful you are, the higher you’ll score. But, they won’t even notice your face if they’re distracted by a loud print or lots of design details. It’s just too much for the judges to look at and it steals seconds from that whole gazing-at-your-face-thinking-how-beautiful-you-are thing. So just say no to distracting prints and complicated designs. You, not your gown, should be the star.

4. It’s Too Tight

It’s so frustrating. You told the seamstress to make it tight because you were planning to lose those last 5 pounds. But it didn’t happen. Now you’re headed to the pageant with a competition wardrobe that doesn’t fit. The fabric has little pulls/puckers at the bust and hips, which you’re hoping the judges won’t notice. They will. They’re there to notice everything.

Plan to hit your goal weight/size a full 2 weeks before the pageant. That way, your wardrobe can be altered to fit your final competition size. And as a bonus, you won’t be exhausted at the pageant because you didn’t have to crash diet to fit in your clothes. It’s a win, win.

I know you want that wonderful moment when your name is called, you’re surprised for half a second, and then you tear up while they give you your crown and sash. I want that moment for you too. And one of the best ways to get your closer to that moment is to make sure your gown is as beautiful as your face.

You’re going to be fabulous!