You have title holder potential.

Are you excited about your pageant but
Stressed Out About Your Pageant Prep?

Are you a First-time Contestant who wants to
feel prepared, poised and confident at your first pageant?

Are you an experienced contestant who's not winning and
BELIEVE you could if you Just Knew WHAT to do?

If this sounds like you, then one of my VIP private
coaching programs will help you achieve
Your Titleholder Potential!

Most contestants don't realize that titleholders get top scores by out training their competition.

The secret to winning is to work with someone who has a proven system for producing titleholders.

Why am I so confident you can get top scores? Because I've helped hundreds of first-time and experienced contestants just like you capture the crown...

Christina Stratton, Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen 2016, Miss Missouri Teen USA 2015

For developing interview content, platform, and paperwork, Valerie is the expert! The skills she taught me helped me win the titles of Miss Missouri Teen USA 2015 and Miss Missouri’s Outstanding Teen 2016, plus the Interview Award at both pageants. The skills I’ve learned from her will help me succeed beyond my pageant years.

Christina Stratton, Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen 2016, Miss Missouri Teen USA 2015
Allison Chu, Miss Hawaii 2016

Thank you so much to Valerie Hayes for all her help explaining current events topics and preparing to me to answer almost any question you can think of. Valerie helped me feel confident when I was questioning myself and made sure that I knew how to promote my platform in the interview room. Valerie is the best!

Allison Chu, Miss Hawaii 2016

Private Coaching is the Fastest, Most Reliable Way to
Develop the Skills of a Top Contestant

Your VIP Coaching will include:

  • Customized Pageant Prep Plan

    During your first appointment we’ll discuss your current skill level and the pageant you’re competing in. Based on that information, I’ll create a personalized prep plan just for you. Your plan will be specific to the skills you need to get top scores at that pageant. You won’t have to guess about any aspect of your pageant prep.

  • Pageant Interview Skills Coaching

    Everyone knows that pageants are won in the interview room and your competition will be no different. Your coaching will include practicing answers to typical pageant questions, but it doesn’t stop there. Instead of just learning memorized answers, I’ll teach you how to create great content and deliver each answer with confidence.

  • How to Avoid Common Pageant Mistakes

    It’s important to know what to do in preparing for your pageant, but it’s just as important to know what not to do. You can easily tank your scores in all areas of competition with one simple mistake. I’ll walk you through every step of your competition to make sure you’re not making any of the most common pageant mistakes.

Olivia Jordan, Miss Oklahoma USA 2015, Miss USA 2015

Thank you Valerie Hayes for helping me look at the answers from the judges perspective instead of my own. Your ability to understand why the judge is asking a question and what makes a great answer is amazing. I especially appreciated your coaching on how to word answers to difficult or controversial questions. You’re The Best!

Olivia Jordan, Miss Oklahoma USA 2015, Miss USA 2015
Cherokee Pearce, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2015, Top 15 Miss Teen USA 2015

With Valerie’s help I won two Interview Awards and won my state Miss Teen USA title! Her approach to interview was more in-depth that any other coach I had worked with. She didn’t just teach me memorized answers, she really took the time to teach me interviewing skills. Not only did Valerie change my interview, she changed my life!

Cherokee Pearce, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2015, Top 15 Miss Teen USA 2015

You CAN Become A Top Contestant

Your coaching sessions will include:

  • Pageant Paperwork Preparation

    In our coaching sessions we’ll cover any forms, ads, or narratives that the judges will see or hear. We’ll discuss your Contestant Resume, Judges Form, Ad Page and the Emcee Card that is read while you’re modeling on stage. Your paperwork is your first opportunity to make a great impression on the judges.

  • Answer Development & Delivery Skills

    You’ll learn to develop and deliver interview content that connects with the judges and is tailored to highlight your specific strengths as a contestant. We’ll cover specific techniques that will enable you to answer any question. Plus, you’ll learn the #1 tip for nailing your onstage question.

  • Personal Platform Development

    Your platform must be interesting and marketable. We’ll discuss topics, select one and develop structure to help you get appearances and answer questions during your interview. If you’re competing in a non-platform pageant, you’ll learn how to discuss your volunteerism to impress the judges.

  • Contestant Branding

    Your visual image must support your communication style in the interview room. If how you dress is not consistent with how you answer questions the judges will be confused. We’ll go through items in your competition wardrobe to make sure your visual brand supports your contestant brand.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Today’s titleholders are expected to promote the pageant and their title on social media. Judges often receive your social media information in advance so they can evaluate your posts. We’ll identify your pageant’s social media strategy and discuss posts that highlight you as a social media pro. 

  • Competition Mindset

    You can have all the skills of a top contestant but if you don’t have a competition mindset you won’t succeed. We’ll discuss how to maintain a positive attitude, how to ignore upsetting comments or gossip, and how to avoid pageant drama. A positive mindset is always a winning strategy.

Title holder Potential



Are You Ready to Capture the Crown?

  • This is for you if...

    • You’re excited about your pageant and know that winning takes more than putting on a dress and walking in high heels.
    • You believe in your ability to learn new skills and have fun.
    • You know in your heart that you would be a great titleholder.
  • This is not for you if...

    • You’re competing in a pageant that does not include a personal interview and onstage competition.
    • You aren’t willing to invest the time necessary to learn new skills.
    • You don’t believe that you have the potential to be an effective titleholder.
Mary Sickler, National Miss Heart of Service 2014

Before I started working with Valerie I had competed several times but never placed. We contacted Valerie on the advice of a friend and it’s the best pageant advice I’ve ever received. Appointments with Valerie are always fun and I really learn lot. I have now won multiple titles in very competitive pageants. Valerie is The Best!

Mary Sickler, National Miss Heart of Service 2014
Alexandra Kaldis, Miss South Texas National American Miss 2016

My 6 years with Valerie Hayes have been amazing! I developed the skills to compete at the highest levels, plus the confidence to try NEW things! With her encouragement, my personal growth has helped me succeed both on and off the stage. I’ve developed a strong foundation to create success in whatever I do. I will be forever grateful!

Alexandra Kaldis, Miss South Texas National American Miss 2016

Choose the type of appointment that works best for you:

  • Skype Appointments

    Skype appointments offer the advantages of in-person appointments without the travel. During your Skype appointment we’ll work on every aspect of your pageant preparation. I’ve successfully coached many local, state, national and international level winners via Skype without ever meeting them in person. Skype appointments are the #1 choice of contestants, even if they live within 15 minutes of my office.

  • Phone Appointments

    Phone appointments are a good choice for when we’re working on your pageant paperwork and answer content. We can review forms, select items for your competition wardrobe, and work on how to answer interview questions. Because phone appointments aren’t ‘visual’, you may want to combine them with Skype or In-person appointments to work on all aspects of your pageant skills.

  • In-person Appointments

    If you live in, or are planning to visit, the Houston, Texas area In-person appointments might be a great choice for you. We’ll work on your contestant brand as well as all the pageant skills you’ll need to get top scores. In-person appointments are especially helpful for contestants who get nervous or experience anxiety during competition. (Please note that I’m located on the far north side of Houston.)

 To get your preferred dates and times, purchase your package
4 to 6 weeks Before You Want to Begin your VIP coaching!

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Crystal Coaching Package

3 Total Hours VIP Coaching

Tiara Coaching Package

4 Total Hours VIP Coaching

Crown Coaching Package

6 Total Hours VIP Coaching

I guarantee that I am committed to providing you with a proven formula that produces pageant success. However, I cannot guarantee your results because your outcome will be based on whether or not you do the work to prepare for your pageant. If you're not fully committed to pageant coaching, do not purchase a coaching package. Once you purchase a package we automatically reserve time on the calendar for you, which means other contestants cannot purchase a package and schedule that time. Due to these limitations, there are no refunds for pageant coaching fees. I will be working hard to make sure you know absolutely everything you need to do to get top scores at your pageant. It's up to you to
Become the Titleholder You’ve Always Wanted to Be!

More on my Quality Guarantee here.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.I'm a new contestant. Do I have any chance of winning?

    A.Most first-time contestants wonder if the even have a shot of winning the title. But your scores are based on your scores, not how many times you’ve competed. I’ve coached many first-time contestants to a win. VIP Coaching is the best chance you have at developing the skills you need to win at your first pageant.

  • Q.I've competed before but I don't place or win. Can you help?

    A.It can be frustrating to compete over and over without seeing any improvement in your scores or placements. I have a proven track record of identifying why contestants aren’t placing or winning and teaching them the skills that get top scores. You’ll be surprised how quickly you improve with VIP Coaching.

  • Q.I really want to improve my pageant skills. When should I start my pageant training?

    A.Depending on the competition level of your pageant, you’ll want to start your training anywhere from 6 months to 8 weeks before your competition. VIP Coaching appointments are often sold out 4 to 6 weeks in advance, so purchase your package and schedule your appointments now to make sure you don’t miss out.

  • Q.I'm paying for my pageant by myself. Can I afford pageant coaching?

    A.While it’s fun to spend money on wardrobe and entry fees, if you don’t invest in learning skills you won’t get top scores. We’ve all seen beautiful girls with an expensive wardrobe lose to a girl who invested in training. During your VIP Coaching I’ll show you where to spend and where to go with budget friendly choices.

  • Q.I want to compete, but I'm not sure which pageant to compete in. Which pageant is the best?

    A.There really isn’t a ‘best’ pageant for everyone. In one pageant system you may struggle to score and in a different system you might easily get top scores and win. As part of your VIP coaching I’ll suggest different pageant systems that meet your competition goals. Then we’ll pick the one that’s the best fit for you.

  • Q.I compete in several pageants each year. Is it okay to train year-round?

    A.Many contestants like to compete in different pageants during the year and other contestants compete in pageants with local, state and national competitions scheduled throughout the year. In your VIP Coaching sessions I’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared to compete without becoming ‘flat’ or ‘over-trained’.

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