Girl Dreaming of Being Beauty Queen

Why Do You Want to Be The Titleholder?

Your pageant interview is going along smoothly, and you’re feeling good. Then a judge asks, “Why do you want to be the titleholder?” and you whip out what you think is a great answer. You get to the end of your answer and notice that the judges don’t look as impressed as you thought they’d be. Your heart sinks, and so does your score.

If you’re struggling to develop a great answer to the ‘want to be the titleholder’ question you’re not alone. Contestants hate answering this question. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first pageant or you’ve competed for years, you probably hate this question too.

Why is it such a tough question? There are two main reasons:

  1. It can feel a bit awkward to explain why you want to be a “beauty queen.”
  2. It’s hard to come up with an answer that is unique.

But once you think through your answer and develop some fabulous content, you can position yourself as a leading contestant for the crown.

Before we work on your content, let’s review the different variations of this question. Instead of asking “Why do you want to be the titleholder” they might ask:

  • Why would you like to be our next titleholder?
  • Why do you want to win?
  • Why did you enter the pageant?

The variations could throw you off, but don’t worry. When asked one of the variation questions, you should give the answer you’ve developed for the basic question “Why do you want to be the titleholder?”

Now, before we talk about great answers to this question, let’s identify some examples of bad answers.

“I watched the pageant on TV when I was a little girl and have always wanted to be a titleholder.”

From my experience as a judge, I can tell you that 80% of contestants give some version of this answer. If this is your answer, you’re going to sound just like everyone else. And it’s hard to stand out when you sound like everyone else.

“I entered the pageant because I enjoy performing and being on stage.”

The fact that you enjoy performing on stage is perfectly fine. But it’s not fine to say that’s the primary reason you want to be the titleholder. It makes the judges think that you’re competing because you like to be the center of attention. And nobody votes for a contestant that comes across as self-centered.

“My Mom signed me up for the pageant.”

If this is why you entered the pageant, you shouldn’t share that with the judges. It makes it sound like you really don’t want to be there and aren’t interested in being the titleholder. This answer is primarily given by PreTeens and Teens and is rarely used by Miss contestants. But no matter what division you’re competing in, this should not be your answer.

“I’d like to be a role model for others.”

Yes, people tend to think of the titleholder as a role model. And you’d probably make a great role model. But saying that you want to win so you can be a role model comes across as saying that you want to be surrounded by people who admire you and want to be just like you. The role model answer sounds like a good idea, but the judges never interpret it the way you mean it.

Now that you know what not to say let’s look at some options for creating a great answer.

Scholarship Pageant

If the pageant awards a scholarship to the winner, this could be the basis for a solid answer. You could talk about how education is the key to success and discuss your interest in additional education. Then you could discuss using the scholarship to reduce your parent’s cost for your education or graduating from college debt-free. Everybody loves a pretty girl who’s frugal and your judges will too.

Platform Pageant

If you’ re competing in a pageant that has an official platform or requires you to have a personal platform, you can go with a platform-focused answer. You could discuss your commitment to your personal platform/the official platform and how you would be able to extend the reach of your platform/community service as the titleholder. Even if your pageant is not a platform pageant, you could talk about the hours of community service you’ve done and your interest in continuing to make a difference in the community as the titleholder.

Personal Improvement/Life Skills

If you compete in pageants for personal improvement or to gain life skills a personal development answer is a great choice. Maybe you were shy before you began competing and now you feel comfortable in any type of social setting. Or maybe you entered as an incentive to work on your personal fitness goals. You could talk about how competing in pageants changed your life. Then you can wrap up by saying that you want to be the titleholder to encourage others to become their very best self too.

No Clue

If you’re completely stumped, you can always go with a mission and values answer. Every pageant has some type of statement that says what they’re all about. You can usually find it on the About Us page of the pageant website. It might be academic achievement, community service, developing life skills, or even just making friends and having fun. In your answer, you could discuss how the things you’re currently doing are consistent with the mission and values of the pageant. Easy peasy!

There really are a lot of great answers to the “Why do you want to be the titleholder?” question. You’ve just got to decide which one best expresses why you entered the pageant to compete for the crown. Take your time, think it through, and give it your best shot.

You’re going to be FABulous!